Sami Aperu
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0 (Neutral)
Club Undertale Club
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

She is an Undertale club member, and the co-leader. The official leader is Akumu Kage


Sami has a soft but still spikes ponytail on the back of her head. She has a fringe of hair going to he side. She has purple hair and blue eyes


Sami Aperu is very sociable, and is semi-lewd, and enjoys reading manga.


  • Her Portrait will be made by her Creator.
  • She is he average height for her age.
  • Her bust is 1.0
  • She was suggested as co-leader of undertale club, like Shin in the occult club. She is the official co-leader of the club.


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