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Sakura Portrait
Sakura Nanami

桜 七海


sakura nanami


"Red-headed Weeaboo"


Human (Asian)


Female Female


She She






120 lbs (Apparently, girls in Yandere Sim are very light, according to YandereDev)


September 22

Astrological Sign

Virgo Virgo

Blood Type





Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status



Martial Arts Club

Educated in

Akademi High School



Personal Status



Asuna Nanami, Riko Nanami

Additional Info
Likes SNK/AOT, and other anime.

Sakura Nanami is ThatOtakuAuthor's first OC. She is not in the game, unless JSON files are modified so that she is present within the game. Credits to SenpaiX for the portrait.


Sakura-chan is the oldest of seven in her family. She grew up in Kawagoe, of the Saitama prefecture. She always got perfect grades, and but was quite the loner, being teased of her turquoise hair. In turn, she moved to Canada with her family at age 9, and joined the Taekwondo studio there near her home.

When the recession hit Canada in 2015, they moved back to Japan, and enrolled Sakura at Akademi High School as a Year 2 student at that time. She will try to be noticed, making the Heroic persona.


Sakura has long, red hair, and red eyes. She has fair skin, and stands at 5'8". She wears the default white seifuku, and though she is in the Martial Arts Club, she has no bandana around her head.


She is quite smart, could answer most questions in a given time. Also, quite frankly, she is strong. But that fatal flaw she has is she really isn't that outgoing. She's the shy type, always trying to be noticed. She is the ane, protecting and caring for others, and a slight yandere for her senpai, Daichi. She wouldn't kill, though.



7:00 Come to school. She would be the last in line on the left side.

7:10 Stand at locker, change shoes.

7:12 Reads manga on a bench in the courtyard.

8:00- 1:00 Sits in Class 3-1. Her desk is in the bottom left side.

1:00 Sit in the cafeteria to eat the sushi she bought from Ryusei's store, and watches Daichi from her table.

1:30- 3:30 Go back to Class 3-1.

3:30 Heads to Martial Arts Club

6:00 Goes home with Asuna and Kaito Haru, as they are neighbours (obviously, Asuna lives in the same house as Sakura)

Witnessing Murder

She would fight Ayano-chan in an instant, and as she is strong, Ayano-chan would need a high study in Physical Education.

Befriending Ayano-chan

If Yandere-chan decides to join the Martial Arts club, then she could possibly befriend Sakura, if she was close enough. From there, she can ask Sakura to do the things Yandere-chan would have to do.


Canon Characters

Ayano-chan/ Yandere-chan

Although they aren't that close, they could be considered acquaintances. If Yandere-chan were to be in the Martial Arts club, then they would be friends.

Taro/ Senpai

She doesn't talk with Senpai much, but when they do talk, they talk about the cherry blossom trees in the courtyard.

Ryusei Koki

They're family friends, and are quite close with each other.


Asuna Nanami, Riko Nanami (younger sisters)

Sakura always protects Asuna from anything. They never fight, and are very close sisters. If Asuna-san were to go missing, Sakura would immediately take action and try to find out the cause of her sister's disappearance. Riko is also very precious to her. If something ever happened to her, Sakura would take action.

Daichi Tatakai

They have a crush on each other, though they are oblivious to the other's feelings.

Kaito Haru

They are neighbours, and they converse a little at the Martial Arts club.


  • Though there is a 100 questions section, this is still here because Admin-san feels it is necessary.
  • She is in Class 3-1.
  • Coming back from Canada, she has those Canadian accents when speaking Japanese every once in awhile.
  • She has her own Twitter.
  • Her singing voice would sound like this:

100 Questions

Please tell us your name. Sakura Nanami

When is your birthday? September 22

Your blood type? O

Your three sizes? Ugh, really? B83-W60-H85cm.

Tell us about your family composition.  I live with my parents, and six other siblings.

What's your occupation? I am a student.

Your favourite food? Sushi, especially Tekka Maki

Favourite animal? I’d have to say that wolves are majestic.

Favourite subject? Do I sound like a geek for saying Math? That’s because I actually enjoy the subject...

Dislike subject? Home Ec. Period, no more.

Is there a boy you've been thinking about? Well, there’s a boy named Daichi, Daichi Tatakai.

Do you enjoy school? YES! I sound like a nerd now...

Are you in any school clubs? I’m in the Martial Arts club.

What's your motto? Watch Shingeki No Kyojin forever.

Your special skill? Um… I can… spar with an opponent while summarizing an anime episode...

Tell us about your treasure? My collection of SnK manga. I wouldn’t let even Asuna touch it.

Describe yourself in a single word? Otaku? Or Weeaboo?

Your forte? My forte… watching anime?

Your shortcomings? Social Studies. Even though I enjoy the subject.

Places in your memories? Canada.

What is your favourite drink? Avocado smoothie.

How good can you swim? Well, I’m not good, but I can float at the least.

Your timing in 50-meter race? An average of three minutes. Well, when I was young.

Your hobby or obsession? SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN (Attack on Titan)! And other anime.

Disliked food? Fish that is whole, cooked whole, consumed whole. Especially those… eyeballs.

Anything you want most currently? A new Shingeki No Kyojin volume.

Afraid of heights? Sort of, I can stand a twenty storey building high, but no higher.

Dislike thunder? I don’t care about it, actually.

Rainy or sunny? Sunny, because I can watch my favorite anime outdoors.

Do you use pencil or mechanical pencil in school? I like mechanical, so I use that.

What do you eat for breakfast? Usually, I eat ramen and gyoza. I don’t care if it’s for every meal.

Do you believe in ghosts? No. I’m not in the Occult club anyways.

Can you play any musical instruments? I used to play the trombone when I was in Canada.

Are you the outdoor or indoor type? Well, indoor, so I can watch anime.

Ever in quarrel with your sisters? Me and Asuna don’t fight, but yes for my other sisters.

Do you have a cellphone? Yes! How else could I watch anime outside my house?

How long is your commute to school? Fifteen minute walk on an average.

Do you have more friends than most? No.

Your favourite sports? Kendo.

How good can you cook? Well, I can make food average tasting, but not too good.

Favourite colours? Green and Salmon Pink.

Anything you can never forgive? When someone kills off my favorite character in a series.

How tall are you? 5’8”

Shoe size? 26 in Japanese.

Your dreams? Joining the Survey Corps with my friends and fight Titans.

Do you have any marriage desires? Daichi.

Do you dislike hot drinks? No, they’re okay in all weather.

Do you like bitter coffee? No. I like sweet coffee. Wow, I’ve drank coffee already!

Bed time? 8:00 PM

Wake up time? 4:00 AM, so I can watch two anime episodes.

When you sleep, are you a bed person or futon person? FUTON!

Are you confident in your ability to concentrate? Sometimes. It depends where I am.

Do you have any tips on losing weight? Laugh a lot.

Between warm soba and chilled soba, which do you like? Warm soba. I like warm noodles.

Tell us which arm is your dominant arm. Right.

Tell us about something lucky that's happened lately. My favorite SnK character wasn’t killed yet.

Tell us about something unlucky that's happened lately. My TV has been broken.

What's the name of your school anthem? Pomf Pomf Kimochi Uguu Uguu.

What's your favourite flower? Narcissus.

What's your favourite saying? This world is cruel, but also beautiful.

What's your favourite four kanji phrase? このバカ!(You idiot!)

What comes to mind when you think about spring? Blue daisies.

And summer? Mikasa’s scarf.

What about fall? Jackets.

And then the winter? Ramen.

If you had a time machine, where would you go? Way forward to SnK’s time.

Do you like reading manga or short stories more? MAANGAAAAAAAAA!

What's your allowance? Manga.

Tell us something a lot of people say about you. You weeaboo.

What are your hobbies? Watching anime and going to Martial Arts.

Tell us your weight. Mhm. Not happening.

What are you capable of? Actually, I can fit in small spaces during hide-and-seek.

What do you wear when you go to bed? My SnK pajamas.

Has anyone ever asked you out? Hehe… Secret.

If I told you the world would end tomorrow, what would you do? Run to Hajime Isayama’s house in Tokyo and ask him my questions and how the story will end.

Tell us about your daily routine. Wake up, eat food, do hygienic things, get dressed, watch anime on every morning. If a school day, walk to school, watch anime or stalk Daichi, go to class, eat lunch while stalking Daichi, go to class, Martial Arts, then go home and watch anime, eat food, change, sleep. On days with no school, watch anime, eat, repeat twice, sleep.

What is something you always carry with you? A SnK manga volume.

Western food? Japanese food? Well, I’ve had a fair share of both, but Japanese food.

How do you commute to school? Walk.

What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night? Watch anime.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Eat food.

Where are you living right now? Uh… stalker-ish question, but in building 9 on block 5 in Buraza.

What kind of place is it? Four bedroom bungalow… go search it up in Buraza living quarters.

What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you so far? I’ve been to an anime convention.

What's the saddest thing that's happened to you? Joey, my hamster, died.

Do you like roller coasters? Sure.

How's your eyesight? Okay. I used to need glasses, but now I wear contacts.

What's your favourite holiday? Christmas. KFC, here I come!

What job do you have in school? Uh… I have to clean the hallway in year 3.

What do you do in your freetime? Watch anime.

How long do you study every day? Not long.

Who of your friends can you rely on to give you advice? To give advice? Uh… I don’t have much friends, so I’ll pass.

What do you do on the weekends? Watch anime.

If you could be reincarnated, what would you want to be? Mikasa Ackerman.

Are the school rules really strict? No, I don’t think so.

What do you have for lunch at school? A bento? The school lunch? Mozuku. Mature, huh?

How many friends do you have? Not many.

Do you take any detours when you go home? I go all the way to Daichi’s then to mine sometimes.

Are you interested in any actors? Masaki Suda

What are your thoughts on the Q&A session? Anime was a key word in my answers, so it was okay.



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