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Hi, this OC belongs to Mystiwaii please don't edit unless it's a constructive edit.

Saika Momoiya
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club None
Age 18
Persona Coward
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None

Saika Momoiya was YuiAmano99's first OC but was adopted by Mystiwaii


Saika wears the default school uniform.

Saika is always wearing her flower crown. She has black hair and purple eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail.


Saika has the "Chuunibyou" persona. She believes she is a demon and can kill people instantly. If someone is murdered in front of her, she will react upon the Evil persona and try to use her "magic" to kill you, It obviously doesn't work though.

If you point a camera at her face, she will react like a Coward.






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