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Sadoin Pakuto
General Information
Race Unknown
Sex Unknown
Pronouns She/Her
Age 17
Birthday September 12th
Sexuality Unknown
Scholar Information
Persona Loner
Reputation (+)10
Club Astronomy Club
Relatives Older Brother V1, Older Brother V2, Older Brother V3
Friends Kuu Dere
Status Alive

Sadoin Pakuto is an OC made by Third-Impact-is-Coming.


Sadoin is an albino. He has white fluffy hair that sticks out around his head, but sets neatly around his face. He has red eyes and very pale skin. Around his neck are large cuts. Sadoin has a feminine appearance and a soft spoken voice, but since he wears the male uniform, many assume that he is a guy.


To many, Sadoin seems like a strange and distant student. He is very kind and quiet when spoken too. He loves company, and if spoken to, he could go on for hours about astronomy and human psychology. He always stares at crowds from far away, as if he was studying them. When alone, Sadoin seems very distant, as if he was full of misery. He refuses to comment if anyone asks about this. He is a big lover of music and life and loves to play on the piano.

If any student is murdered in front of them, he will silently cry and flee the school. The next day, he will look at the murder pitifully and not talk to her or him.


Sadoin goes to school very early to watch the sun rise around 5:30 AM. He will go to his classes 8:00 AM. During lunch, he will eat melons and drink orange juice. After school, he will play the piano until all students are escorted out at 6:00 PM. If teachers let him stay, he will stargaze and sigh at the sky. Because of how long he sits on the rooftop, students joke that he lives there.


Sadoin seemed to show up one day and enrolled into this school. He always seems uncomfortable when asked about his family. If pressed for answers, he will only say, "It's complicated." He has three older brothers and one half brother who all seemed to mysteriously pass away.


Kuu Dere

He likes to talk to Kuu. He constantly claims that "they are the same", but will not go into detail of what similarities they have.


  • According to his student profile, his favorite songs are "Kom Süßer Todd" and "Quatre Mains". There are rumors circulating around school that he is the catalyst of Third Impact, an apocalyptic event where all the souls of humanity will merge into one.
  • Sadoin Pakuto translated means "Third Impact".
  • He is meant to be a combination of Kaworu Nagisa and Rei Ayanami from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Third-Impact-is-Coming was inspired to make this OC after a chat when LenLawliet, who said "Your OC can even be the one to bring the Third Impact."


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