Sachiko Sasaki
Student Info
Career None
Reputation Unknown
Club Light Music
Age 16
Persona Childish
Crush Budo Masuta
Additional Info None
Sachiko Sasaki has rose pink hair that just about reaches her shoulders. She has some stray hair poking out at the top of her head and she wears a red hairpin. Her eyes are dark yellow.


Sachiko is childish. She will stick her tongue out if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses a murder, she will have a mental breakdown. When she has recovered, her mind will create a "reality" and she will act as if nothing is wrong whatever atmosphere there is. If she sees people dead, her reality will be shattered, and her mind will break.


Sachiko normally enters the School grounds at around 7:25 AM or as she always wakes up late. Once she has arrived at School, she goes to her locker and searches for any lost sweets until 7:35 AM. She will then go to the light music club and practice on her own until 8:00 AM.

At 8:05 AM, Sachiko walks into Classroom 1-2 and doodles in her sketch book. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to sit underneath the Sakura Tree at 1:00 PM.

Sachiko walks to class again at 1:30 PM and finishes her afternoon classes at 3:30 PM. Afterwards, she heads to the Light Music club and stays there until 5:45 PM practicing half the time and playing hide and seek the second half. She then walks home.



Ayano Aishi - Likes her a lot. She thinks Ayano is very cool, and would probably listen to whatever she asks her to do.

Taro Yamada - She thinks he's a statue, because she always sees him sat down.

Yui Rio - Sachiko doesn't like her very much, as Yui once told her that there was a unicorn outside and there wasn't.

Haruto Yuto - Doesn't care much for him.

Yuna Hina - Likes her. Sachiko's hairpin was lost once and Yuna found it for her.

Sota Yuki - Doesn't like him. She thinks he's rude, because she caught him looking at panty shots on his phone once.

Koharu Hinata - Likes her, too, but calls her "broccoli twintails".

Hayato Haruki - Likes watching him taking photos of the Sakura trees, but hasn't spoken to him.

Mei Mio - Doesn't like her. She treats Sachiko like a baby.

Ryusei Koki - Likes him. She thinks he's very good at art.

Saki Miyu - Really likes her. Sachiko think she's very kind.

Sora Sosuke - Doesn't like him. She thinks all people in Drama clubs are just actors, and aren't really good people.

Kokona Haruka - Really likes her, but she saw her doing compensated dating once, so she went up to her one day and asked her if she could have a present from the man he was with, too... In front of all Kokona's friends.

Riku Soma - Likes his food.

Info-Chan - Likes her. She got a text from her once, asking for a picture of her panties, and Sachiko thought she was being very polite to ask. She has never seen her.

Pippi Osu - Likes watching her play Osu! but has never talked to her because she's always playing that game.

Midori Gurin - Likes her. She always asks very interesting questions, however they make Sachiko not be able to sleep at night because she's thinking of answers to those questions. Are cats made of liquid? She might never know...

Ryuto Ippongo - Likes watching him play but has never talked to him because he's always playing that game.

Kuu Dere - Doesn't have much of an opinion on her. She's started thinking she's a robot because she's always so emotionless...

Tsundere-chan - Saw her in town once, being rude to a boy. She doesn't like her for this reason.

Mina Rai - Doesn't like her. She wants Budo to notice her (although she has been rejected 5 times by him) and thinks she must be in the way.

Mai Waifu - Really likes her. She thinks Mai Waifu must be a fairy because she has rainbow eyes!

Sakyu Basu - She listened to Oka, and thinks she's a succubus, along with Inkyu Basu.

Budo Masuta - Has a crush on him. It's likely she will never be his girlfriend however, as he has rejected her numerous times.

Juku Ren - Likes him. She hoped to learn martial arts from him one day so that Budo will accept her love, but this also is unlikely because she is not strong at all...

Kokuma Jutsu - Likes her a little. She's a little scared of her because she's worried one day her bandage will come off and all there will be is a black hole, and she will suck all the life on earth into it.

Supana Churu - Doesn't like her very much. She thinks she might be a half ghoul, due to her eye-patch.

Rival-chan - Thinks she's cute, but also a little weird.

Osana Najimi - Doesn't like her. Thinks she's rude.

Oka Ruto - Likes her. She always tells interesting stories, however these make her lay awake at night too.




Kyaa! Rude rain! It's not nice to wet people! - Sachiko after water is dumped on her.

Kyaa! Huh? Ketchup rain? That's extremely rude, rain! If you don't want to use your ketchup, don't drop it all over people! - Sachiko after blood is dumped on her.

Now I need to go and wash, and it's all your fault, rain! - Sachiko after blood / water is dumped on her.

This can't be happening.. This can't happen.. This can't... - Sachiko after witnessing a murder.

Hey! If you want to know what my panties look like, just ask. They are pink with a bear on! - Sachiko spotting Yandere-chan trying to take a panty shot of her.

Why did you pour ketchup on yourself, Ayano-Senpai? - Sachiko after seeing Yandere-chan covered with blood.

Ayano-Senpai, there's no cakes to cut up here! You should go to the cooking club. - Sachiko after seeing Yandere-chan with a knife / box cutter.

Why do you have a sword, Ayano-Senpai? Is there a dragon? - Sachiko after seeing Yandere-chan with a Katana.

Ayano-Senpai, you're acting koo-koo... - Sachiko after seeing Yandere-chan visibly insane/laughing maniacally/possessed by the Horror.

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