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Sachiko by crimsonseal-d9wr6kt
Sachiko Nagahimistu

Aki Kuroki


Sachiko-sama, Naga-sama


Female Female


She She




161 cm


59.34 kg


December 14th

Astrological Sign

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Blood Type





Pansexual Pansexual

Personal Status

Drama, Host

Educated in

Akademi High School


Student, Playwright, Host

Previous Occupation



Ai Manabe

Previous Crush


Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Unknown Mother (never met)

Unknown Father (never met)

Unknown Younger Brother (never met)

Unknown Younger Sister (never met)

Possible Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles

Akemi Nagahimistu - Adopted Mother

Additional Info
Is the older sister of Rie Ueda.

Has a major fear of bees and heights.

Sachiko Nagahimistu is an OC that currently attends Akademi High School.


Sachiko is very hyper and eager to engage in any activities involving her clubs. She is very positive and tries to spread her happiness as much as possible. Ever since she created the Host Club she has been trying to become a good leader, but she doesn't really put her heart into leading. Sachiko excels with creative projects and hates physical jobs.

Although she is big on her grades, Sachiko often has missing assignments and will be seen talking to teachers about the homework assignment due that day. Not only that but she is very forgetful, sometimes getting sidetracked by other events. She doesn't keep her room clean or her belongings in order, but she knows where everything is. She is totally willing to lie if she thinks it is necessary, resulting in some friendships ending in the past.


Sachiko was to an incredibly wealthy family, not the she would know. Because 9 days after Sachiko was born, she was kidnapped by a woman named Akemi Nagahimistu who hoped to to make money off her ransom. Sachiko's family never paid to get her back for some reason though, leaving Akemi stuck with this young child even until today.

That didn't make Sachiko's childhood all that bad though, since Akemi tried to engage Sachiko in activities from a young age such as painting, storytelling, and math. Why this woman cared so well for the child she kidnapped is unknown, but it may be because she felt pity that her family didn't even try to get her back or she got attached to the child. Maybe even both.

Of course, it took a lot of explaining and hacking on Akemi's behalf during this time to make it seem natural that she just randomly got this child with no explanation. Luckily, it was all finished before Sachiko enrolled in elementary school and the school suspected nothing.

During elementary and middle school Sachiko made a small group of friends who all loved acting and anything involving it. This is where her love for theater originated, and it only grew from there. Sachiko would insist on going to plays and would even write her own skits in her free time (although they weren't that good until middle school). She joined the Drama Club in her old middle school and studied abroad 1 year in America during her 2nd year to a creative arts school in California to increase her acting skills in hopes of understanding plays better.


Ai Manabe

Sachiko's crush. Sachiko admires her bravery and toughness, and views Ai similar to a knight in a fairy tale. She also respects Ai's love for literature.

Airi Yuu

They don't know each other well, and usually see each other when with mutual friends. Sachiko doesn't let Airi borrow her books in case Airi naps on them and drools on the pages. Even though they are but mere acquaintances, Airi likes to listen intently to what Sachiko says she has to do that day, in case Sachiko forgets and Airi must remind her. Airi once thought that her forgetfulness was an act, but has since dropped the idea.

Akemi Nagahimistu

Sachiko's mom. They get along splendidly, and are usually seen by neighbors as an "ideal mother and daughter". Sachiko does not seem to know her mother kidnapped her, or that she had any relation to the criminal world. Sachiko affectionately calls Akemi, "Mumsie".

Barakou Koizumi

Sachiko and Barakou don't know each other well, but sometimes see each other when Minori brings Barakou along to watch one of Sachiko's plays.

Chikako Shinju

Chikako loves Sachiko's optimism and vice versa. Chikako adores Sachiko's plays and exaggerates the characters she acts when reading the scripts. Sachiko appreciates the support and silliness.

Erisa Ikuko

Every once in a while Erisa will volunteer to play music for one of Sachiko's plays. Sachiko admires her skill with musical instruments and usually has her take part of her musicals. For Erisa Sachiko is only sometimes a bit of a handful. Sachiko has a hard time saying no to Erisa now that they are friends, which Erisa forgives her for.

Fano Nanoko

Sachiko and Fano are friends. They may ask each other tips on how to improve their writing from time to time. Sachiko can be too jumpy for Fano at times, but the two get along well.

Himari Kita

Himari encourages Sachiko to be more serious about her club work, but Sachiko disagrees. Himari still loves her fervor for clubs and Himari visits Sachiko often. Sachiko has shown her some scripts in hopes of Himari telling all her friends about them.

Homura Matsuo

Sachiko and Homura see each other from time to time in the library, but don't talk much about books. Instead, they share a taste for sweets and can sometimes be seen choosing the same desserts to eat. Homura bakes some food and invites Sachiko over, knowing that she'll love it.

Minori Etsuko

From time to time Minori may go see Sachiko's plays to take pictures of the actors for the Photography Club. She may even go simply to see the show on her own free time. Sachiko recognizes Minori as a regular member of the audience and they chat every once in a while.

Paulette Arner

Sachiko's American friend. They met since Paulette was already Sachiko's online friend, and Paulette went to the school Sachiko was going to. They still talk online almost daily about plays and bad puns.

Rie Nobuko

Sachiko usually asks what books Rie might recommend to her. Rie sometimes reminds Sachiko about her homework by asking her if she has anything to do that day. Rie wants to give Sachiko a homework planner, but she knows that Sachiko would just lose it.

Rie Ueda

Sachiko's younger sister. Sachiko doesn't know this, but Rie knows that Sachiko is her sister. They don't look similar as Sachiko looks nearly identical their mother while Rie looks nearly identical their father.

Sachiko thinks highly of Rie, especially since Rie has helped her out before. Rie pretends to be cool with Sachiko, but on the inside she's pretty unconcerned with Sachiko altogether.

Rowan Linwood

Rowan sometimes shows up at Sachiko's plays pretending he is a part of the cast. Sometimes when he tells a joke Sachiko doesn't understand and Rowan is asked to explain.

Shuuto Okabe

Sachiko's best friend. Shuuto and Sachiko met when they were assigned a project together in their 1st year of middle school literally centered around getting to know each other. They related to one another, and became great friends after that. Although Shuuto is very clingy, Sachiko enjoys talking to him about writing and ideas that the two have.



  • Sachiko takes pleasure in reading books. Her favorite genre is fantasy.
  • Sachiko is fond of writing plays, usually those with fantasy elements mixed in. She once wrote a play called The Upside Down Wish, which is about a person who wishes to be invisible and immediately regrets it.
  • She enjoys listening to music often, especially musical and instrumental music. Sachiko has tried to compose her own music before, but it didn't go so well.
  • Hula dances are engrossing to her and she tries to dance while at home. Sachiko visits Hawaii regularly.


  • "Oh, there were these wings from a place called Wing Stop in California that I loved! My favourite flavour was spicy barbecue with some ranch and a glass of milk."


  • Her absolute favorite drink of all time is hot chocolate. "My host family from California used to have lots of it in different flavours, and I think I liked the mint one the best!"
  • When it comes to coffee she prefers to have it be extremely sweet.


  • She prefers to hang around the library, the Drama Club, the fountain, the Host Club, the garden, and most theatres.
    • She hates the rooftop, as she is extremely afraid of heights.
  • Her favorite color is pastel red.
  • Kittens are her most favorite animal.
  • Her favorite subject is Language Arts to work on her writing skills. Her least favorite subject is P.E. because she finds it exhausting.
  • She loves school.
  • When texting or typing she tends to use emoticons. :D
  • Sachiko likes the thought of the supernatural, believing that there's something out there. She believes in the myth about the ghost in the 3rd floor girl's bathroom, despite being too scared to check it out.
  • Her favorite flower is a sunflower.



  • Sachiko has a major fear of bees being allergic to them.
  • Sachiko has two cats, Tobby and Tammy. She never brings them out of the house though, and would likely only be a mention in a roleplay.
  • She finds it odd that her mom has O- blood while she has AB+.
  • She believes that her father had a one-night stand with her (adoptive) mother, which is why she never met him and only saw Akemi.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear


"You really think so? I was thinking that, but now you have confirmed it! Thank you!" - when someone compliments her.

"Are you okay? You are acting kind of strange... no offense!" - when she sees someone visibly insane.

"I-is that blood? Please wash it off, you might get in trouble!" - when she sees someone soaked in blood.

"You should keep that weapon at home, because there is no use for it at school. Right?" - when she sees a student carrying a weapon.

"What is so funny? Did I miss out on something fun again?" - when she sees someone laughing insanely.

"N-no!" - if she sees someone murdered in public.

"E-eh?! Are you taking pictures of my panties? Wait, don't come any closer!" - when someone takes a panty shot of her.

"Mister/Miss, it is rude to take pictures under people's skirts..." - when she sees someone taking pictures of someone else.

"Why is there blood on the floor? Did someone get in a fight? I should go tell a teacher!" - when she sees a pool of blood.

"I like that you seem to like me but try to appreciate yourself a little. It's not all about me, it's about you!" when someone compliments her too much.

"I'm sorry (name) but I don't feel the same way. Please don't hate me, you are still a really nice guy/girl/person! I just love you like a friend!" - when someone who isn't her crush confesses to her.

"Is this real? Are you acting? You better not be acting, because I love you too!" - when her crush confesses to her.

"Oh, you play an instrument? I have to hear you play sometime! I am sure it sounds wonderful!" - when she sees someone carrying an instrumental case.


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