This character belongs to KawaiiRainbowChan. Please ask for permission before using her OC.


Ryushiba has long dark magenta hair in the same hairstyle as Sakyu's. One of her eyes is yellow and the other is magenta.


Etai Yamara-

A friend.

Emily Lawliet-

Another friend.

Chrys Lawliet-

Slightly dislikes him because he takes time away from her and Emily.

Kuro Ketsueki-

She likes her slightly, due to them being in the same club.

Asuna Meiko-

Thinks she is very annoying due to her being very ditzy and unreasonable.

Yuno Hakateshi-

She has a crush on him, but won't tell anyone about it.

Ryuna Teito-

She hates her for unknown reasons.


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