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Osana Najimi HalfBody
♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This page belongs to Baedere's Fanon.♥

ANY of this is not canon except there (well maybe a little). If you complain ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥


Ryusei Koki wears the default male uniform but unbuttoned, showing a white shirt unless otherwise customized by the player.

He has spiky cobalt blue colored hair swept up and back to the right, with two strands sticking out to the right and cobalt dark blue eyes.

He's thin and has a bit of muscle, but he states that he's really hot yet it's a big lie.


Ryusei is a Pervert (Teacher's Pet in canon). He will take a look at the corpse's genitals or hide their clothes and leave them nude if he notices a corpse or a fainted student. He will assume it's sperm if they see someone wet with water, will grab the killer's genitals to stop them if he notices them killing someone, will raise the skirt if they notice someone taking a panty shot of them. Same if noticed taking panty shots of other students. He save lost underwear if found. He will react to students covered in blood or carrying a weapon by offering them help to hide evidences for sex.

He's INCREDIBLY lewd, arrogant, snobbish, troublemaker, prankster and a narcissist cool wannabe and sometimes he's innocent, just like Haruto. He's also a big flirt and a hopeless romantic, however, he seems to fail constantly.


Canon Characters

Mei Mio: His classmate. She's the only female who likes him although she says that he's disgusting only to hide her feelings.

Yandere-chan: When Ryusei witnesses a murder caused by her, he will will grab her genitals to stop her if he notices her killing someone.

Riku Soma: His best friend. No matter what he does sexually or lewd, Riku will always defends him.

Info-chan: He is her best customer. He usually buys Retsu's panty shots from her.

Hayato Haruki: They are frenemies because they love and fight for the same girl and they usually fight a lot (like Cartman and Kyle).


Other OCs

My OCs

Retsu Yuto: Hates him. She calls him a creep. He has a crush on her. Since he has a crush on her, if the player kills Retsu in front of him, he will attack the player with much more force than he's usually capable of.

Aiko Kaneko: Really close friends. He was her first friend at Akademi. She helps him sometimes and Aiko doesn't know about his perverted nature.

Ricci Ryoko: Classmates. She hates him to death.


  • Ryusei is a big Karamatsu Boy.
  • He likes comedy, art and of course panty shots, especially Retsu's.
  • He's a usually a joke starter.
  • His friends usually gets mad when he talks about them in a sexual way. He meets Aiko Kaneko for the first time in one of those situations.
  • His drawings are usually hentai. Especially hentai of Retsu.
  • He will only accept a confession only to have sex.
  • If Retsu dies, he will act like a Dorodere (sweet and loving on the outside but is actually messed up and depressed on the inside).
  • He's a narcissist. He loves himself and states that he's hot.
  • He's usually referred/mentioned by his last name.
    • The exception to use his first name are when Hayato is mad at him, his teachers and parents calling for him and his close friends.
  • His personality is inspired on both Kenichi Saruyama (To Love Ru) [1] and Karamatsu (Osomatsu-san) [2].
    • His birthday (March 6th) and blood type also came from Kenichi Saruyama (To Love Ru).
  • Apparently, his friends couldn't care less about him. Sometimes, he even appears just for laughs. Riku is an exception, since they are best friends.

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