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Ryoba Aishi
Fat titty
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Player's choice (1980s mode)
Age Adult
Persona Devoted
Crush Yandere-chan's Father
Additional Info None

Yandere-chan's Mother is the mother of Yandere-chan. Her real name is Ryoba Aishi. She is deeply obsessed with Yandere-chan's father.


Ryoba is described as an older version of Yandere-chan, with a gentle face.


Just like her daughter, Ryoba is Devoted. She stopped at nothing to have her Senpai. She killed any girl who was in the way.


  • Render made by Markmossing
  • Ryoba Ayano.png Ryoba and Ayano Aishi by Triple Devil
  • Ryoba and Ayano.png Ryoba and Ayano II by Triple Devil
  • Ryoba portrait by Shin Higaku The Occult Club PE Leader

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