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Ryo Rento
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation -20
Club Occult Club
Age 16
Persona Evil
Crush Eh. None.
Additional Info No information is available... right now...

Ryo Rento is ThatOtakuAuthor's seventh OC. He is not in the game, unless JSON files are edited. Even though, his hair and light brown hair hue haven't been implemented.


Orphanage. A word that some people had known first hand by being for their childhood. Ryo had been there at a point. Luckily enough, Rento Mao and Rento Hiroto, Occultists, had adopted him. Though, his adopted status is unnoticeable, as they all look the same. Ever since, he's attended school. When he entered Akademi, he joined the Occult Club. He hadn't interacted with anyone much.


Ryo has light brown hair, the exterior having a similarity to Haruto Yuto, and the front of the hair like Shin Higaku. His face is like that of the canon Occult Club members, the area around his eyes having the darkest hue to grey, then slowly fading into the default skin tone. He has purplish eyes like the canon Occult Club. He wears the Occult choker, and the Male Uniform #1.


Reaction to Murder

Unlike some members of the Occult Club, Ryo possesses the Evil persona. The only reason he has it is because he believes that this may be one step closer to summoning a demon.

After Murder

He'll be watching Yandere-chan to see if she if she commits any more murder, so he can invite her to the club before any members get there...

To Encounters with People Every Single Day

He won't talk to them. Zero. Nada.



7:03 Comes to school 2 minutes early.

7:05 Stands at locker, changes shoes.

7:10 Waits for other Occult members near the doors.

7:20 Goes in after all members that enter in the morning have gone.

7:30 Reads Occult book in a corner. On the floor.

8:00-1:00 Sits in Class 1-2.

1:00 Eats in cafeteria.

1:30-3:30 Sits in class once more.

3:30-6:00 Goes to Occult Club, participates in club activities, and goes home.



Occult Club Members

They are fellow club members.


Ayano Aishi

He thinks of her as a person he wouldn't talk to before she has committed murder, but once he has witnessed her intentions, he will try to get closer to her, and get her to help him summon a demon by themselves.

Everyone Else

There has been no relationship built between them.




A bit of fixing left to do.

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