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Ryo has black,shoulder length hair,burgundy eyes and sickly pale skin. He wears the normal school uniform, which is actually intended for the females at the school, loose white stockings and red bows in his hair.


Most of the time he is pretty rude, even to teachers, which is why most of the students aren't fond of him. It's very easy to get him angry. When in a good mood, he isn't as mean as usual - just a little sassy. Aside from that - he's the most laziest person you'll ever meet. You'll probably find him sleeping at class, which explains his bad grades. He thinks he's better than everybody else but the truth is he isn't.

It's very hard to become friends with him, but if you do, he's actually kinda ok. He will still tease you a lot. (But don't mind that, he's just that way) Deep inside he is actually very



Kameko Obata - Kameko is his older sister. While she likes him very much, he is more distant towards her. If someone tends to be mean to him, she gets angry and tries to protect him. Ryo doesn't like that very much, since he feels like a little baby if she does so, but to Kameko, Ryo is a little child who needs to be protected. He also gets teased at times, because he is still very short at his age. (She is just very tall)

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"Wait, who is this guy again?" -Baretta Hoshi


  • 8:20 AM – 8:30 AM - He arrives at school (or actually runs to school and hopes not to arrive too late)
  • 8:31 AM – 1:00 PM - Is in his classroom
  • 1:01 PM – 1:30 PM - Random. He mostly sits alone on a bench at the roof and is judging everyone very hard. Sometimes he is alone at the cherry tree behind the school, which makes it easy to kill him there.
  • 1:31 PM – 3:30 PM - Is in his class
  • 3:31 PM – 3:50 PM - Random


  • "Oh... Thanks... I guess?" - Getting complimented.
  • "Man, you must really like me, to give me that many compliments..." - Getting too many compliments.
  • "Oh jeez, what happened to you?" - Seeing someone covered in blood..
  • "What are you gonna do with that? You're not planning to hurt anybody... Do you?" - Seeing someone carrying a weapon.
  • "Man, you really need to chill..." - Seeing someone visibly insane or hearing someone laughing insanely.
  • "Wow, you really just killed them... Nice. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody." or "I didn't like them anyway."- Witnessing murder.
  • "... Are they dead?" - Finding a corpse.
  • "Be careful, before anybody else sees what you're doing. You don't wanna get in trouble, do you?" - Seeing a student holding a corpse.
  • "Blood? What happened here?" - Seeing a blood puddle.
  • "Hey, thanks! I guess, you're kinda okay..." - When someone helps him or does a task for him.
  • "Jeez, that's bad... But why are you telling me this?" - Someone gossiping to him about another student.
  • "That's gross." - Witnessing someone trying to take a pantyshot of another student.
  • "DON'T." - Witnessing someone trying to take a pantyshot of him.
  • "If I was you, I would love me too." - Receiving a love confession.
  • "Eh, uh, uh, uh... You do?!" - Receiving a love confession from a crush.


  • His favorite animals are cats
  • He likes the color red
  • It happens very often that he appears late to school
  • He likes videogames, and kinda anime
  • He never was in a relationship before
  • It is unknown why refuses to wear the male uniform (probably because he wants to troll everyone)
  • For some reason, he is really into Yanderes and Guro. (Partly BDSM)
  • Most of the time, he acts dominant, but he is more the submissive kind of person
  • Originally owned by LordOfToast, adopted by NightoftheDedsec

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