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Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club None (She's a parent duh!)
Age 37
Persona Protective
Crush None
Additional Info None

Ruby Jones is the mother of Aiden Jones and Jacbocford's 5th OC. She is divorced due to her husband cheating on her.


Highschool backstory (age 16 - 18)

Current story (37)

Ruby is not like other mothers. Unlike most mothers, she keeps up with the latest trends. When the Smiths left Australia, Ruby found out a shocking discovery the very next day. She found out her husband was cheating on her, thanks to several sex tapes she found. So then Ruby and Aiden saved up their money and bought two one-way to Japan, however the flight was cancelled. So she fell asleep and when she woke up she was in Japan. She doesn't know how, when, or what brought her to Japan. She then noticed a strange green ring on her son's finger, which has never been given as a gift, Ruby started to get suspicous, she kept on asking herself. "How did I get here? Why does my son have a strange looking ring!" W.I.P please tell me if you want more backstory! - Jacbocford


Aiden Jones

She loves her son, she knows about his sexualilty, but she now knows that he was attempting rape and murder to Kohai. This has changed their relationship, but she still loves him the way she did before that.


"You've..... been cheating on me? This whole time?!" - When she found out her husband was cheating on her.

"Men? They're disgusting" - When someone tells her if she'll get a boyfriend.

"Your honor, I'd like to say." - as a lawyer.

"Me? Mayor? Oh you're so sweet!" - Somebody saying to her she should be mayor.

"Love is love! It doesn't matter if a man likes another man, and a woman loves another woman! True love is true love!" - When someone says to her gay rights is wrong.


  • Another reason why she divorced her husband is because he would abuse Aiden about his sexualilty, and she didn't aprove of what her husband did. Unlike her husband, she thinks love is love.
  • She actually had no idea the tapes where sex tapes. The tapes used to be memories like Aiden's first steps, Aiden's first words, etc. This means that the husband over wrote those tapes to a sex video.
  • When she was 18, her school was able to have funds for her lawyer education, the destation of the court and trial place was at Buraza Town, where there was a case of a man seeing a young woman murder another woman of her age.
    • This is also why she chose to live in Buraza Town, since she was familiar with it.
  • Other users say she's a well-developed OC.
  • She is worried sick of her son trying to commit suicide, so much so that she's even calling the school if she can be a substitute teacher, to make sure he doesn't commit suicide at school.
  • She first appeared in the "Magic, Love, and Time Travel RP". Originally, she was planned to only be in that RP to make a small appearance, however, the creator thought that'd she make a interesting side character and to this very day she's been used often.
  • She is currently the most used parent in RP.

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