"Any crevice, any underneath of the skirt, any inside the pants, anything like that, I'm exploring it."

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Roy Kisaragi is one of CopperisticCreativity's male OCs, adopted from PISTACHIOLORD.


Roy has messy milk chocolate brown hair with light teal/blue eyes. He usually wears the sports club swimming goggles most of the time. He is usually always seen smiling. His hair is messy due to him being to lazy to brush his hair in the morning. His bangs are swooped to the right.


Roy is a backstabber.

If they see the player committing murder, they will act shocked but will eventually do the "Evil" pose and ask them if they would like help. At this point, it is possible to attempt to kill them (But if they are in the martial arts club they will put up a fight), but it is also possible to say yes and let them "tag along". After a minute or two in-game of following the player around, they will excuse themselves to "go to the bathroom". But instead of doing that, they will either promptly escape the school and call the police OR, if they are in the Martial Arts Club, will apprehend the player from behind and start the normal minigame for apprehending the murderer.

Once Roy begins to tag along he will soon pull out a knife from his back pocket and attempt to kill the player. If the camera if pointed at him he will smile and stick is tongue out like a little kid.


Roy is a playful and flirtatious brown haired male. He usually flirts with others, but doesn't really mean it when he flirts with someone most of the time, he flirts with others out of habit. Although he has pretty decent grades, he tries to not let them slip, which results in him being conscious - but despite of that, he's not a smart person, but not an extremely dumb person, either.

He enjoys hanging out with others, getting to know others better and cracking shitty jokes. Although all of this Roy can be very tough and is not afraid to "brutally destroy your insides" - he is against racism, LGBT-phobia. Additionally, he can be easily embarassed, like, if you'd hug or compliment him he'd blush on the spot.


Roy always had a simple and cheery life. He had a loving father, his mother had died at child birth. He was always told that he was born in a truck by his father. But that of course was completely wrong. Roy's father had had an affair with a woman with whom he thought was his mother. His father and the lady were never married and she got pregnant. During the day that he was going to propose the lady, his dad was robbing a bank, something he did often back then. He than got a phone call and disrupted the system of the bank causing a loud series of alarms. He safely got out of the bank without the police finding him. He went to the ladies home and found her stumbling outside and crying. He got her in the car and sped off to the hospital but she died during child birth. His father though, was going to take care of his child. Roy was never told this until before leaving to Akedemi High for his second year but he didn't read the note that his dad gave him until after almost 6 months after school had begun. Roy was still cherry though, but less than he was. Roy actually goes over to stay with Rouia over the school year because his father lives in Tokyo.






Rouia Odayaka ~ They are good friends although people usually mistake them for twins when they are actually cousins.

Ene Sachi - They're friends, they became good friends sometime in middle school.



  • He was supposed to be Rouia Odayaka's genderbent, but Pistach changed her mind.
  • He gets embarassed when he's hugged by someone.
  • He wants to start a pro LGBTQ+ campaign.