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Ritchi has wavy, long pastel green hair that reaches her hips. She likes to keep it messy, but has two buns at the sides of her head. Ritchi also has a noticeable ahoge, and likes to keep two pocky sticks in her hair.

Ritchi has pastel purple eyes, and wears thin black glasses. She wears the default uniform with a small red ribbon instead of the large one, unless the uniform is customized. She also wears a tan sweater with sleeves that are pulled to her elbows.


Ritchi is an optimistic person, however very insecure and extroverted. She rarely talks, but is however mature and responsible, working hard to give every assignment or project on time. However she is quite rude, due to not interacting with people so much. She is honest about everything and would never lie or break a promise for the sake of anything or anyone. Ritchi wields the Creative personality type, and her most used tactic is to throw objects at the culprit, or hide behind something.


Alicia Almeida: Alicia is one of the few people that Ritchi really trusts. They are close friends.

Kaga Uizazu: Ritchi and Kaga have a very close relationship as friends.