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Her hair is a golden color, and she has grey-blue dull eyes. She also wears the Custom Uniform unless customized.


She is not really spoken to by other students. She appears to be texting, but she likes to harass people who blocked her online. She does suffer from blackouts on occasions. Although she is extremely powerful, she does not attack people unless she feels threatened. Sometimes she is seen crying on the roof, and this is normally caused by extreme paranoia. She normally flinches if touched or watched. She is also quite apologetic, unless she gets upset. Once she is upset, she is very hard to calm down. She'll grab a box cutter and drop it when she feels distraught and has a teacher about 5 feet away from the teacher's view.

Relations to Other Students


  • Chojo Tekina: She likes to watch him from afar, harboring small amounts of romantic feelings towards him
  • Ayano Aishi: She wants to befriend her, mostly so she won't be on Ayano's hit list...


  • Dazenroido: Her sister. She dislikes her, but tries to avoid her.

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Reactions to Suspicious Activity

  • Bloody Appearance- She'll smirk and jog away
  • Weapons unrelated to Yandere-Chan's current club- She'll run away and cry on the roof, holding a box cutter. Once she reaches the roof, she will place it by her and rock back and forth, muttering "Gomen ne," or "I'm sorry," in Japanese.
  • Evil laughing- She'll chuckle and walk away.
  • Blood on Ground- She'll place a rag over it.

Reactions to Witnessing Murder

She'll react differently depending on who it is.

  • Crush- Gets her box cutter and stabs self repeatedly in the chest.
  • Friends- Starts laughing and grabs her box cutter. She will then charge at Yandere-Chan.
  • Acquaintances- Will fake a heart attack, this will cause the player to be unable to do anything to her. She will open her eyes when the police are called.
  • Enemies- Laughs and thanks Yandere-Chan. Will swear allegiance to her as well, giving a player the option to kill her, do nothing, or accept her as an assistant.


  • Very insensitive
  • Takes Panty Shots
  • She is often seen stalking other students

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