Rio Hoshikawa


Rio is a witty, intelligent girl with an unmatchable bravery in her heart. She's perpetually positive and energetic, and seems incapable of turning down a challenge. She's justice-minded and heroic, and is willing to take dares in order to prove her worth. Rio is definetly not afraid to get her hands dirty in order to make things happen. She is the kind of person that cannot tolerate sitting down and waiting things out; having always wanted to run out and make things happen on her own. She works alone during most of the time, claiming that other people often hold her back and slow her down, pushing her away from her goals. However, she is very smart, and knows that she will display a poor performance in swimming championships if she does not work as a team with the rest of Akademi High's swim team. She is very convincing, but she is, however, unskilled at befriending people who openly distrust her. She is not very secretive or serious about life, but she does need to have something that motivates her and keeps her going. Rio does not connect with other people that often, but when she does, she will be very protective and will want to stick with them to the very end. Overall, Rio is positive and a tad bit quiet, albeit she can be considered a bit snappy at a fault.


Made by MetalBreakerZ

Basic Information

Age: 17

Class: 2-2

Persona: Heroic

Crush: None

Strength: Strong

Club: Swim Team


Rio's main traits were based off a past character of Enraptured Misfit. She is a homage of sorts to the character.

She is seventeen-years-old, as aforementioned.

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