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Rin Akari
Student Info
Career High School Student
Reputation +10
Club Martial Arts
Age 17
Persona Evil
Crush Budo Masuta
Strength Martial Arts Master
Emoticon :D
Additional Info Gets private lessons from Budo

Plans to confess to him this Wednesday


Rin has pink hair that is put up into twin tails. She has gray eyes. Rin wears the default uniform unless customized.


Among the personas currently in the game, Rin is Evil. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will compliment the murderer on their crime and then run off because she does not want to risk becoming your accomplice. If a student has their phone aimed at her, she will become annoyed and cover her face unless they are in the Photography Club.


Rin Akari was born in Tokyo and lived there until she was 4.

Because her parents got a job in Egypt they had to move.So everything went well until the 3rd month. Her mother was going on a walk but after 4 hours she didn't come back. Her dad called her mother but she didn't answer the phone. After a while of searching, they found the dead body and called the alarm number.

After this, they moved to a small town called Buraza Town and lived their normal live once again


7:20 Comes at school

7:25 Uses locker for 5 mins

7:30 Goes to rooftop to talk with Inkyu Basu ,Sakyu Basu, Sakura Akari and Airisu Akari

8:00 Walks to Classroom 2-1

1:00 Goes to club

1:20 Walks back to class

3:30 Goes to club

5:30 Goes home


Rin has one task.


If asked for a task, Rin will ask the person to find out who has a crush on Budo Masuta.



Ayano Aishi - Doesn't care too much about her

Taro Yamada - She just treats him like any other student

Info-chan - One of her best friends

Pippi Osu - One of her friends

Ryuto Ippongo - Just a normal student to her

Kuu Dere - A year ago she heard her yell "I DON'T EVEN NEED A SENPAI!!". She thinks that girl is crazy because nobody was there

Shima Shita - One of her friends

Mina Rai - Also a friend

Mai Waifu - Rin thinks she's weird because sometimes she hears her whispering "Will you ever notice how i feel about you?"

Sakyu Basu - Just a normal student

Midori Gurin - Really annoying

Inkyu Basu - Normal student

Budo Masuta - Her crush

Juku Ren - Friend

Yui Rio - Likes her

Yuna Hina - Normal

Koharu Hinata - Friend

Mei Mio - Friend

Saki Miyu - Enemies

Kokona Haruka - Enemies

Ryusei Koki - Normal

Sora Sosuke - Friends


None so far.


Poor (insert students name here) has been a victim of Info-chan.
— Seeing a bullied student.
Ayano-chan has been busy
— Seeing a dead body
Killers art...
— When seeing blood
Wow, cool.....
— When witnessing murder

100 Questions

  1. Please tell us your name.: Rin Akari
  2. When is your birthday?: 14th of March
  3. Your blood type?: A+
  4. Please tell us about your three sizes.: That's private
  5. Tell us about your family composition.:1 little sister,1 big sister and my  dad
  6. what's your occupation.: student/sister
  7. Your favorite food?: tacos
  8. Favorite animal?: ALL!
  9. Favorite subject?: Math
  10. Dislike subject? P.E.
  11. Is there a boy you've been thinking about?: Budo Masuta. He's so hot
  12. Do you enjoy school?: Hell yes.
  13. Are you in any school clubs?: Martial Arts.
  14. What's your motto?: I don't have one
  15. Your special skill?: Stunting
  16. Tell us about your treasure?: When my mom died I got her gold and diamond necklace
  17. Describe yourself in a single word?:smart
  18. Your forte?: MATH!
  19. Your shortcomings?:socializing
  20. Places in your memories?: Egypt when i found my mom dead in the sand
  21. What's your favorite drink?: Cola!
  22. How good can you swim?: Pretty good.
  23. Your timing in a 50-meter race?: idk, why would I want to know?
  24. Your hobby or obsession?: Judo
  25. Disliked food?: Steak/pork
  26. Anything you want most currently?: An A+
  27. Afraid of heights?: NO!
  28. Dislike thunder?: A bit
  29. Rainy or sunny?: SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Do you use pencil or mechanical pencil in school?: Pencil
  31. What do you eat for breakfast?: Toast
  32. Do you believe in ghosts?: A bit. I swear I saw a ghost in that picture of the the 3rd floor bathroom
  33. Can you play any musical instruments?: Piano
  34. Are you the outdoor or indoor type?: Indoor
  35. Ever in quarrel with your sisters?: Yes
  36. Do you have a cellphone?: Yes.
  37. How long is your commute to school?: idk
  38. Do you have more friends than most?: Nope
  39. Your favorite sports?: Judo
  40. How good can you cook?: Good really really good
  41. Favorite colours?: Pink, blue and purple
  42. Anything you can never forgive?: Murdering my family/friends
  43. How tall are you?: 175 centimeters
  44. Shoe size?: didn't check
  45. Your dreams?: I don't have one currently
  46. Do you have any marriage desires?: No, not just jet
  47. Do you like hot drinks?: Yes
  48. Do you like bitter coffee?: No
  49. Bed time?: 23
  50.  :00 or 11 PM
  51. Wake up time? 6:00
  52. When you sleep are you a bed person or futon person?: Bed
  53. Are you confident in your ability to concentrate?: Yes
  54. Do you have any tips on losing weight?: No
  55. Between warm soba and chilled soba, which do you like?: never had soba
  56. Tell us which arm is your dominant arm?: Left
  57. Tell us about something lucky that's happend lately: I got a laptop
  58. Tell us about something unlucky that's happened lately: I got hacked
  59. Whats the name of your school?: Akademi High
  60. What's your favorite flower?: Roses
  61. What's your favorite saying?: Don't have one.
  62. Tell us something a lot of people say about you.: I don't know
  63. What are your hobbies?: Cooking and Judo
  64. Tell us your weight.: No
  65. What are you capable of?: Sleeping
  66. What do you wear when you go to bed?: My PJs
  67. Has anyone ever asked you out?:That guy Taro Yamada
  68. If I told you the world would end tomorrow, what would you do?: Kill everyone including myself
  69. Tell us about your daily routine.: Wake up, go to school, get home, go to my dads cafe, go home, sleep
  70. What is something you always carry with you?: A diamond from my mom
  71. Western food? Japanese food?: Japanese
  72. How do you commute to school?: Bike
  73. What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night?: Put on my PJs
  74. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?: Put on my uniform
  75. Where are you living right now?: A house
  76. What kind of place is it?: Just a normal house
  77. What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you so far?: I don't know
  78. What's the saddest thing that's happened to you?: I found my mom's dead body when i was 4
  79. Do you like roller coasters?: Yes!
  80. How's your eyesight?: Great
  81. What's your favorite holiday?: I don't know
  82. What job do you have in school?: I'm a student
  83. What do you do in your free time?: Gaming, cooking
  84. How long do you study every day?: 1, maybe 2 hours
  85. Who of your friends can you rely on to give you advice?: I don't know
  86. What do you do on the weekends?: Same as free time
  87. If you could be reincarnated, what would you want to be?: A dog
  88. Are the school rules really strict?: A bit
  89. What do you have for lunch at school? A bento? The school lunch?: Bento!
  90. How many friends do you have?: 5
  91. Do you take any detours when you go home?: No
  92. Are you interested in any actors?: Nope
  93. What are your
  94.  thoughts on the Q&A session?: It's okay

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