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♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This page belongs to Baedere's Fanon.♥

ANY of this is not canon except there (well maybe a little). If you complain ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥


Riku Soma wears the default male uniform, unless otherwise customized by the player.

Riku has purple hair that is spikier than Senpai's, with loose strands jutting out from the right side and matching purple eyes. He's also often seen with glasses.

He's chubby and tall but not so tall as Sora.


He is a Teacher's Pet (Same as Canon). If Riku sees Ayano Aishi murdering any other student, he will report her to his favorite teacher.

He's mostly wealthy, sweet, nice and gentle but he tries to be normal like anyone else. He presents himself as the leader and, subsequently, the "most responsible" of the 6 boys only because of his money and age (much to Hayato's particular disagreement in everything).


Canon Characters

Kokona Haruka: Also his classmate and close friend. She's one of his crushes, but he keeps this as a secret because of Sora's reaction.

Yandere-chan: When Riku witnesses a murder caused by her, he will call his favorite teacher.

Ryusei Koki: His best friend. No matter what he does sexually or lewd, he will always defends him.

Sora Sosuke: He's the only one besides Hayato Haruki and Saki Miyu who knows about his crush on Kokona.

Hayato Haruki: Friends.

Musume Ronshaku: He also has a crush on her.


Other OCs

My OCs


  • He is the oldest out of his friends.
  • The fact that he's from an upper-class family, it makes him really hard to call certain names to people and act normal due to his British accent and to the fact that he needs to be nice and gentle.
  • Just like Mei, Riku has miopia. However, he only uses his glasses to impress Kokona. Other than that, he uses eye contacts.

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