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Rie is a butt
Rie Nobuko





Female Female


She She




156 cm


54 kg


September 29th

Astrological Sign

Libra Libra

Blood Type



Teacher's Pet


Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status

Library Assistance, Archery

Educated in

Akademi High School





Previous Crush


Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Additional Info
A justice-minded, nosy girl.

May hold a grudge.

"To be frank, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not. I don't know if there was better path I could've taken. But that's simply how it is now. I can't show weakness."

Rie Nobuko is a fanon student currently attending Akademi High School.


Rie pretends to stay strong so that others will never view her as weak. She knows that people wouldn't take her seriously enough if she showed her true doubts, faults, and insecurities. By making herself out to be formal and confident, she may seem less vulnerable and easy to take advantage of. Rie seems to have trust issues, and has trouble believing that people won't take advantage of her.

She does whatever she can to achieve her goal. If Rie understands that she owes another person something she will pay them back the best she can. If she thinks someone has wronged her she will try and get revenge. Rie does this with a perfectly calm demeanor, but inside her emotions will be aflame. There are times, however, when she realizes that getting even does not help and it would be best to get over the situation altogether.

She loves to learn new skills. She spends most of her time reading up on anything and everything she hasn't read already so that she can know more. She loves to help others with any tutoring, if need be. It helps that she keeps her belongings tidy and easy to manage, which can come in handy whenever anyone ever needs to borrow her notes.

Rie is unprejudiced and judges people by their personality. She hates to see wrongs not righted and can get kind of nosy when trying to do the right thing. Rie strives for peace and justice and always tries to see both sides of a situation in an unbiased manner. She is open to new ideas and new activities, although she would prefer to stick to what she usually does. Rie can be quite methodical.

She also enjoys fashion-related stuff, makeup, and other such things pertaining to aesthetics. Rie can be fairly creative, though it doesn't always shine through and wishes this trait would be more reliable. Rie is fairly athletic, and very talented at various things such as archery, writing, and calligraphy.


As with most Akademi parents, Rie's parents are rich. They sent her to the school nearby so that she would be able to get a good job in the future and take care of them when they grow old. Her father made sure that she'd protect the innocent and help others so that she could be extremely useful to them and to her future husband. He thought that if people saw how many skills she had, she would be more desirable to others and have a better chance at life being more prepared.

Rie believes that she must stay strong and desirable so that someone will like her when she gets older. She has no faith in herself, but she knows that it is what she has to do to keep up with the rest of the crowd. She has confided in her parents her worries, but only her father tries to help. Her mother isn't sure what to do and leaves it to her husband to take care of.

Throughout the years Rie continues to have a poor relationship with her mother, as if her mother viewed her as a mistake. Because of this, Rie was usually taught by teachers, her father, or through the books in the library at home. This setup taught her well, but without a normal mother Rie still felt a bit empty. Rie tried to feel grateful, as she had everything else in the world except a mother, which should make anyone happy.

Time flew by and Rie started attending Akademi High School. Rie was nervous as she was one of the new kids, but her father reassured her that everything was fine. On the way to school Rie saw mothers hugging and sending their kids off to school. Rie couldn't feel fulfilled with her life when she had so little, but life goes on, regardless.


Airi Yuu

The two tend to see each other at school often, and have concluded that they must share similar interests. Airi praises Rie's curiosity, and the two are often found asking themselves identical questions about situations. Airi doubts Rie's intentions often, but Rie insists that she is honest and true. Sometimes Rie angers Airi for complaining about her mother, as Airi hasn't seen hers in years. The topic is usually avoided, but it can pop up at the least expected moments.

Barakou Koizumi

Barakou and Rie enjoy each other's company, as their personalities are somewhat similar. Rie can get somewhat frustrated when Barakou forgives too easily. Rie sometimes reads some of the books Barakou likes, though Barakou sees that Rie isn't really into most of the cyberpunk genre.

Chikako Shinju

Rie goes to Chikako for advice when she wants to know if something goes good with her red hair. Rie and Chikako may go on shopping trips at the mall with Erisa from time to time. Chikako and Rie may play with Chikako's cameras, joking that Rie is a fashion model and everyone wants a picture of her. Chikako tries to learn archery from Rie, but she has no talent for it.

Erisa Ikuko

Erisa and Rie enjoy working out together for the group benefits. The two chat about fashion and go out shopping for clothes together along with Chikako Shinju. Rie shares with Erisa some of what she has written. Rie trusts Erisa, as they have similar issues of feeling worthless. Rie has told Erisa all about her family life at home and told in turn Erisa told Rie about her crush. Rie sometimes invites Erisa over to check out the strange things she finds at her house.


Rie repeatedly tries to talk to her mother, but the woman has few words to spare. Rie's father tries to bring the family together by setting up family activities, but every so often the mother escapes because they had something else to do. Rie's father tries to give Rie female, motherly teachers to make up for it. Despite this, Rie is mostly focused on as to why her mother seems to view her own daughter as a disease.

Fano Nanoko

They may hang out together, critiquing each other's writing and comparing writing styles. Fano gives Rie some notes to study for future classes she will take. Rie also shows some (albeit limited) interest in astronomy, listening to what Fano has to say about outer space and such. The two girls try and help each other out when the other has a problem.

Himari Kita

Rie has asked Himari for notes before, but Himari said she doesn't take much. Himari challenges Rie to a number of athletic-related contests, which Rie can sometimes find to be a bit obnoxious.

Homura Matsuo

Homura notices that Rie seems to be hiding behind a mask, but she doesn't know why. She sometimes brings up the subject to Rie, but Rie denies any such thing. The two usually end up chatting in the library about their club, fashion, books, food, and boys. Rie helps Homura with makeup and clothes in case she really wants to dress to impress.

Minori Etsuko

Rie asks Minori for notes, even if Rie is not in her class nor grade. They make a small bit of conversation when Minori is returning books to the library. Rie occasionally recommends new books for Minori to read.

Rie Ueda

Ueda chats with Nobuko to get on her good side but never shares any of her secrets. Nobuko considers Ueda to be alright and hangs out with her occasionally.

Rowan Linwood

Rowan has let Rie put makeup on him before, and while Rie stated that he looked like a mess Rowan thought he was beautiful. They like to debate about their favorite drama and romance novels, and are usually told to quiet down in the library.

Sachiko Nagahimistu

Sachiko usually asks what books Rie might recommend to her. Rie sometimes reminds Sachiko about her homework by asking her if she has anything to do that day. Rie wants to give Sachiko a homework planner, but she knows that Sachiko would just lose it.



  • Rie loves archery and does exceedingly well. She has amazing accuracy along with years of skill and natural talent.
  • She takes delight in trying on new clothes and putting on makeup.
  • Reading novels is a regular activity for her, especially those of the mystery, drama, and romance genre.
  • Rie is fond of writing and adores calligraphy. She learned calligraphy from the books in the library at home.
  • There is a little bonsai at her home that she takes care of, strangely without the help of any butlers or maids. Rie prefers to do it herself and adores the plant.
  • Rie goes shopping for clothes at the mall. She has a lot of clothes she bought that she has never had the chance to wear before because she already has so much. Every so often she loses her favorite outfits at her spare apartments elsewhere.
  • Ikebana is important to Rie and she engages in the art of flower arrangement in her own free time.


  • Her favorite dish is ratatouille.
  • Rie loves marinated mushrooms.
  • She loves negiyaki and for her it never gets old.


  • Her favorite drink is sakura tea.


  • She prefers to hang around the library, the Archery Club, the Martial Arts Club, the Gardening Club, the maze, the gym, the track, the classrooms, the Calligraphy Room, the park, festivals, and temples.
  • She has a strange fear of heights and prefers to stay on firm footing.
  • She is a night owl, but tries to be a morning person. She has problems waking up early.
  • Rie would rather have things to be old-school, but she can go for the latest fashion any day. Her favorite subject in class is history and she likes to learn about her country's culture.
  • She prefers to deal with issues based on past experiences rather than rely on instincts.
  • Her favorite animal is the tiger as she admires its power and ferocity.



  • She attends Classroom 1-1.
  • Her family practices Shintoism.
  • Whenever she goes through her house she tends to find something new, and there's usually something knew to learn about in there. The Nobuko family has amassed a strange collection of items that were only used very little.
  • Rie wants to become a teacher after she is done with school.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear

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