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♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This OC belongs to BaedereBaemulator.♥

Ask her permission of you wanna use it for fanwork purposes such as fanfiction, fanart instead of stealing! If you steal ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥

Ricci Ryoko is an OC created by BaedereBaemulator.


Ricci has spiky in cut violet hair with a spiky ahoge/cowlick. She also has ocean blue eyes and wears headphones. She wears the default female uniform unless customized but she has a casual outfit and an alternate swimwear (see Kisekae photos). Her bust size is of 1 (C cup).

In game, she will wear either Kuu or Shima's hair in purple.

She's fit and has an average height and weight.


She has the Evil persona. She's smart(something that doesn't show on her grades), strict, bossy, rude, cold, cynical and stoic out of the students of her class. She usually gives the middlefinger, which makes her a troublemaker. She often makes jokes, puns or pranks and being sarcastic to everyone much of the time, and has often troubles remembering important stuff and most students' names.

Even though she's a mean one, she actually has a golden heart, especially towards most of her clubmates and her small number of friends.

If Ricci slowly starts to fall in love with someone she usually is rude with, she will act hot-headed and even more impulsive but slowly kinder until confession.


7:00-8:00 - Ricci comes to Akademi High, goes to her locker to change her shoes and goes to Light Music Club. She plays the guitar and sometimes sings.

8:00-1:00 - Goes to Classroom 2-2 alone and have her lessons.

1:00-1:30 - Goes to the Light Music Club again.

1:30-3:30 - Goes back to Classroom 2-2

3:30-5:50 - Goes to the Light Music Club again.

5:50 - She goes home alone.


Canon Characters

Mei Mio: Classmates.

Yui Rio: Yui doesn't like her for being rude.

Yandere-chan: When Ricci witnesses a murder caused by her, she will approve the murder, will promise not to say a word about it to anyone, and feign ignorance to the police and then she flees the area to not be seen as an accomplice to the murder.

Sota Yuki: He has a crush on her and he accepts her insults.

Ryusei Koki: Classmates. Hates him.

Budo Masuta: Hates him.

Other OCs

My OCs

Retsu Yuto: They don't like each other.

Aiko Kaneko: Clubmates.

Miko Agashi: Clubmates, very close friends. Miko is her assistant.

Aikido Kayane: Partners in trouble.

Other People's OCs



Uniform: 34**aa7.

Casual: 34**aa7.

Beach: 34**aa7.




MMD Yandere Simulator OC Ricci Ryoko Drop It-001:13

MMD Yandere Simulator OC Ricci Ryoko Drop It-0

Ricci's MMD Model


  • She was supposed to be called "Song Dagi" but that wouldn't make any sense. However her first name is a reference to Ritsu Tainaka's nickname "Ricchan" and like her, she's often called by that by Miko Agashi.
  • Ricci is completely aware that she is very dangerous and unpopular: she has a sightly low reputation and doesn't has a lot of friends because she's hated due to her rude behavior.
    • Only the Light Music Club and a few students know her kind side.
  • Her personality and behavior to flip off people is inspired on Craig Tucker[1] from South Park.[2] .
    • She might share the same birthday as him. (Which is possibly between October 22nd and October 28th or January 25th).
  • She's also inspired on both Ritsu Tainaka and Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!.
  • Her favorite color is cyan and her favorite food is Daikuku.
    • However, her signature color is violet.
  • Her task might feature Yandere-chan help her to find her headphones in her classroom. However, it might be a hard task since Shiori Risa took off her headphones for flipping her off again.
  • If Ricci had a theme song it would be Bad Apple (Megpoid Gumi's version). Another song that fits her is Another F.U Song by Big Reel Fish.
  • She would sound nasally monotone and Peridot/Bart Simpson-like if she had a voice.
  • She does great pranks, jokes and puns.
  • Her dere type is Kamidere;
    • She seems to be a feminist and a LGBT supporter because of her behavior towards male students (such as treating them like crap and forcing them to crossdress or kiss each other);
    • She can be a big Tsundere too.


- "Is that blood?" - When she sees someone covered in blood.

- "Why did you bring a weapon to school?" - When she sees Yandere-chan with a weapon.

- "Oh my god, stop! This is creepy!" - When she sees Yandere-chan laughing insanely.

- "I'm getting out of here!" - When she sees a corpse.

- "That was beautiful! Don't worry....I won't tell anyone what I saw." - When she sees Yandere-chan murdering someone/dragging a corpse.

- "I'm getting out of here!" - When she runs away from a murder/poisoning.

- "What are you doing to me, you clod/pervert? *flips them off* " - When she sees someone taking panty shots of her.

- "Don't worry...your secret is safe with me. But, we shouldn't be seen talking to each other.../Don't bother me!/Go away!/Don't talk to me!/Get away from me!/Leave me alone!" - When Yandere-chan tries to speak to her a day after witnessing a murder.

- " Who the hell did do that to me. That's sick! I'm gonna change..." - When she has blood/water on her uniform.

- " F*** you." - Her usual quote when she flips off someone.

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