The Reverse AU is self-explanitory. Every OC acts the opposite of their normal counterpart.


Reverse OCs

Tomiko Minako

An exciting and cheerful cook who loves making friends.


Is really scary. And hated by almost everyone.

Rina Mayu

A gloomy, antisocial creep who watches other students

Souta Minako

A socially active boy who talks a lot.

Miri Kiteki

A dark-haired bully who hates others and likes to steal.

Mida Rana

An anti-pervert who is highly religious and enforces school rules.

Noburu Shota

A dandere photographer who dyes his hair red.

Mizuki Hibiki

A Martial Arts Club member who is heroic and loves socializing.

Chrys Lawliet

An out going fun loving innocent person. He is Deredere. He could never hurt a fly is can get shy often.


Kyoko Makoto

Kyoko is a major anti-pervert and SJW. She will yell at you if you look at her butt/boobs/vagina. She is asexual and heteromantic.

Akimi Makoto

Akimi is a huge pervert, and commonly flirts and seduces the other students. He (Akimi is male in this AU, unlike normal Akimi, whom is agender and uses they/them pronouns) also frequently watches hentai. He will literally have sex with anything, regardless of it moves or not. He also enjoys incest, as he commonly flirts with his cousin.

Rei Chawa

A tsundere with no dere side. Cusses alot and is rutheless. Is on an adventure to fuel her awesome coke habit.

Gurīn Shisutā

A very creepy girl that is not social and spends time summoning demons.

Okaruto Shisutā

A very cheerful girl that has an evil side.

Kana Mayagochi

Kana hates almost every student in the school, and is very supportive of Yandere behavior.

Setsuko Nozomi

Setsuko is a loud social butterfly who is bubbly and has no sense of personal space

Baedere's OCs

  • Retsu Yuto: She's a perverted Deredere student. She likes panty shots of male students and does very sexual innuendos. She has a crush on Ryusei Koki and hates Hayato Haruki for being "too perfect".
  • Aiko Kaneko: She's a known cool and popular kid in school, has bad grades and hates studying. She's a big troublemaker. Haruto Yuto noticed her a lot and she acts towards him like a tsundere.
  • Miko Agashi: She's a himedere. She treats everyone like trash, including her "slave" Ricci Ryoko. She sees Sora Sosuke as a prince charming and is a Yandere when people try to steal him from her. She's also edgy. Her twintails are inspired on Pinkamena Diane Pie.
  • Ricci Ryoko: She is generally the most tender, naive and sensitive out of the Light Music Club members. She is Miko Agashi's "trash slave". Her personality is based on Stan Marsh from South Park.
  • Aikido Kayane: He's a nerdy shy boy. Usually a dandere but he doesn't notice that he has a crush on a bad girl.
  • Kara Teka: She is a martial arts master deliquent. She uses a katana.
  • Ka Gaku: He's an evil mad scientist and he's gay for his own leader.

Left to right: Kara, Ka, Kuroi, Retsu, Aiko, Aikido, Ricci and "Queen" Miko.

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