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Retsu Yuto is an OC created by BaedereBaemulator. She's Haruto Yuto's older sister in Baedere's Fanon.


Retsu has long fluffy crimson red hair similar to Kyoshi Taiso's hair with a short pigtail on the right side and has light strawberry pink eyes. She wears the default female uniform unless customized but she has a casual outfit and an alternate swimwear (see Kisekae photos).

In game, she shares Sakyu Basu's hairstyle (Musume Ronshaku in the future) with crimson hair and eyes and she replaces Midori Gurin as a mod.

Her bust size is 1.2 (C cup).


She has the Social Butterfly persona. She's usually a clumsy, hotheaded, happy-go-lucky and a protective Onee-Chan type of person. She also seems to daydream a lot, especially about her beloved one.

She's also a Tsundere, but unlike Osana Najimi (who acts tsundere when someone talks about or she talks to her crush ) she's a Tsundere towards everything lewd and private, making her a bit of a pervert herself, something that she negates to be.


  • 7:00-8:00 - Retsu comes to Akademi High goes to her locker change her shoes, go compliment Hayato in the plaza and chat with the guys, including him.
  • 8:00-1:00 - Goes to Classroom 2-1 alone and have her lessons.
  • 1:00-1:30 - Goes to chat with the Rainbow 12's guys but at 1:15 PM, she chats with Hayato in private.
  • 1:30-3:30 - Goes back to Classroom 2-1, this time now with Hayato Haruki, since they're classmates.
  • 3:30-5:00 - Goes to the Computer Lab with Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo but instead of playing "Osu!", she plays "Undertale" or "Yandere Simulator".
  • 5:05 - She goes home alone or goes to visit Hayato.


Canon Characters

Haruto Yuto: They are siblings with at least a year of difference. She usually gets annoyed by him but she still loves him as a younger brother. As they are so close, if the player kills Haruto in front of her, she will attack the player with much more force than she's usually capable of.

Hayato Haruki: They are classmates, close and childhood friends. He cares a lot about her but she doesn't realize that he has a crush on her. Since she has a crush on him, if the player kills Hayato in front of her, she will attack the player with much more force than she's usually capable of.

Koharu Hinata: Also her classmate and close friend. She's the only girl on her class who knows about her crush on Hayato. Koharu sometimes teases her because of her crush and during class (mostly Sex Ed), she will make her blush and daydream about Hayato even if lewd or fluff or other. Retsu sometimes get angry at her for various reasons.

Yandere-chan: Also her classmate but when Retsu witnesses a murder caused by her, she will call the police and go to the nearest crowd (in this case, she goes to the boy crowd).

Sora Sosuke: They are close friends and he's the only boy besides Haruto to know her crush on Hayato.

Ryusei Koki: She doesn't like him because she thinks that he's a kinda of a creep. He loves her back, however, she despises him.


My OCs

Aiko Kaneko: She only knows Aiko because of her crush on Haruto, her brother. It's really rare to see them interact with each other.

Ricci Ryoko: They don't like each other.

Other People's OCs



Uniform: 38**aa7.

Casual: 38**aa7.

Beach: 38**aa7.





  • Her first name literally means how the word "red" was pronounced in Japanese. However "Retsu" is a placeholder name. She might be called "Aka Yuto" or "Akai Yuto" or "Retsu Akai" or "Aka Akai". Her genderswapped name is Ritsu Yuto. Her name comes from a male character with the same name as her[1] from Jewelpet Kira☆Deco! [2]
  • If she wasn't related to Haruto at all, she would be called "Retsu Akai". It literally means "Red Red". It might be similar to Midori's name.
  • Her biggest weakness is Hayato Haruki himself, even that they're talking to each other together, she seems to blush and acts like a Tsundere towards him.
  • Retsu may be incapable of self-defense, but when people get caught by taking panty shots of her, she kicks them off.
  • Retsu can be very perverted in certains siuations.
  • She looks similar to Yoko Littner[3] from the anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann"[4] although Retsu has a small bust and pink eyes instead of large bust and amber eyes. Her hair is also similar to Momona [5] from Lady JewelPet [6].
  • Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is Chicken Ramen with some hot pepper.
  • Her task might feature Yandere-chan to help her write a love letter to Hayato and put it on his locker in order to befriend her. However it will need to have a high rank on Language.
  • She used to have the Loner persona but since the Social Butterfly got implemented in the February 1st update, she has that persona. She might have the Clingy/Damsel persona although she doesn't have a crush on Senpai.
  • If Retsu had a theme song, it would be Kusumi Koharu's Balalaika. This song fits her feelings towards Hayato Haruki.
  • She dates Hayato in a few RPs. They are in a relationship in Baedere's Fanon.
  • If Hayato died, she would first cry and mourn until she remembers that life is precious (YOLO) and she would leave the Gaming Club for the Martial Arts Club and sacrifice her life for the others. Her persona would change to Heroic and she would be strong, like Sho Kunin. She would move on, but is unsure and insecure of the real dangers she would get, since he protected her a lot.
  • Retsu has very sensitive parts. She will blush very hard if someone touch those parts.
  • She's often sexualized by every single pervert. This is because they think that her body shape is perfect.
  • She would sound bubbly, a bit annoying, tsundere-ish and a bit perverted if she had a voice. She would also sound similar to Kyu Sugardust [7] from Huniepop [8].
  • If Retsu hears or sees something lewd, she will act really Tsundere but on her mind, she just daydreams.
  • Her blood type came from Ittoki Otoya (Uta no Prince Sama) [9] .
    • Her color scheme and personality resembles Shibuya Tomochika, also from Uta no Prince Sama. They also share the same blood type. [10]


- "Is that blood? Or it is just red paint?" - When she sees someone covered in blood.

- "Why did you bring a weapon to school?" - When she sees Yandere-chan with a weapon.

- "Take it easy. You are creeping me out." - When she sees Yandere-chan laughing insanely.

- "Oh my God! Is that a dead body?!" - When she sees a corpse.

- "Oh my god! This can't be happening!" - When she sees Yandere-chan murdering someone/dragging a corpse.

- "Gotta get to safety!/NO!/STAY AWAY!" - When she runs away from a murder/poisoning.

- "There's been a death at Akademi High School! We need help right away!" - When she calls the police.

- "Hey! Get back here, you creep/pervert/baka!" - When she sees someone taking panty shots of her.

- "Don't talk to me. I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done." - When Yandere-chan tries to speak to her a day after witnessing a murder.

- " Who dumped on me like that, baka? I need to wash this mess up." - When she has blood/water on her uniform.

- "Baka..." - Acting tsundere.

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