Ren Fujiwara


Misunderstood loner-based, Ren can be easily described as the mysterious type of boy that is difficult to analyze and is seemingly distant overall. A real book aficionado, he is typically seen with a novel in hand. He's a very literal person, to the point where he writes poetry in his free time, that is, when he is not studying in order to pass his exams or spending some time in the Gaming Club, that he frequents daily. Ren is extremely dedicated to school, and it is a rare occurrence to see him fail an exam. Despite of his remarkable talent in writing, Ren has been shifting from his part-time job at a drugstore to studying or visitting his club, which is why he has not had much time to write lately. Ren usually conceals his feelings to himself, and doesn't open up to anyone other than his two younger brothers, who do not attend Akademi High alongside him. He is very unpredictable, and is courageous and independent as well. Ren is also a sullen, disciplined boy who has studied and has gained a notable knowledge overtime. He is very wise, and usually puts thought and time into his tasks before concluding them.
Ren Fujiwara

Basic Information

Persona: Loner

Crush: None

Strength: Very Weak

Club: Gaming


Ren is his owner's first ever male OC, and second OC overall.

His portrait was derived from Riku Soma's.

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