2st part of my fanfiction series with my OC's story which you can find on Deviantart and Wattpad as well.

As leaving behind of ourselves every each of the street lamps we arrived to Taro-kun's home. I stoped the motorcycle before I got down from it and waited for him to get off too. After he did, Taro rushed to open their white colored, made of wood fence and I lead my vehicle into their garage wich was large enough to even park down two cars in it. Monster, that's the name I gave my motorcycle if you ask, gonna spend the night with their blood red Suzuki Swift car.

- Enjoy the night with your new friend babe.

I stroked it's steering before I left Monster alone. Strange, but sometimes it feels like that vehicle actually has soul and understands what's happening around of itself. I know it is ridicolous, but this motorcycle is very different from the other vehicles, I already experienced that. Not the first time it happened that while I drove Monster we had some connection on. But it may be only my crazy thoughts of course, but, we made so much unbelivable things on the street and I'm alive.

- We should go inside already, I left my sister with Osana before I left. My parents left to spend the weekend with my grandparents, remember?

I grumped as I heard the name "Osana" being mentioned.

- Yeah yeah, I do remember. They probably spend the whole afternoon together.

With Taro opening their front door we entered in his house. Of course after we toke off our shoes.

- We arrived Osana-chan!

Shouted Taro to her. As he just barely put his leg in the living room his sister runned to him and hugged him with Osana watching him with her annoying typical tsundere look on her face.

- Welcome home onii-chan!

His sister always knows how to be the cutest to her brother. She usually always does that when Taro-kun gets home.

- What has taken so long?

Osana already starts her "how to irritate people around you" thing by trippin' on meanless stuffs and used her "I am angered, don't mess with me" voice of hers.

- Don't expect us to arrive early when we told you we'll be off probably until midnight.

I replied to her, I think it was hearable in my voice that she should take back from her face.

- It's fine Suzushi. Sorry Osana but we had fun on our meeting and you should have seen how happy Budo was. I never saw him that excisted from happiness before.

Taro always being way too tame, he could never raise his voice up. That also shows how much difference is between him and her and proves who's the winner when an argue comes up. This is again a thing what I don't like in her, not just only her annoying using of her voice tones. She always acts like this with both of us but only I talk to her back while Taro-kun is just being tame and talk with her respectfully. It's a shame that she cannot admire his acts and acting like she's in the middle of the world. However, we're friends and I get along with her until she acts her troublesome tsundere role.

- Hmph....

She roled her eyes and gave me her unapprecitating look for the lenght of a few moments before she spoke.

- I have to go home now. See you on monday, baka.

With that she left and even waved from the opened door after we said goodbye before she actually went out to the street and walked fastly to her own house.

- Feel yourself at home, Suzushi. Want to start put your belongings in place already or you'd like to rest a little before?

Taro-kun said as he turned his head to look at me while talk.

- Nah I'll start it.

I replied as I went to my bags and picked them up.

- Uh, you know you don't have to sleep in the living room tonight. My room is big enough to place down your travel cot so you can go up there.

I got a bit nervous and felt a little strange, like somekind of an exciment run thought my body which I can't put in place in my head about what's this. I felt my face was burning but I didn't change my usual face expression and I don't think Taro noticed it.

- Okay I'll go up then.

I was about to go up on the stairs when I heard his voice behind me and I unwantedly stopped in one place as soon as I heard him walking to my other bags which I didn't picked up yet.

- Wait I'll help you with this.

I wasn't able to move, I just stand there.

- Just rest already, you helped me a lot already, you should take a rest instead of tireing yourself even more. You had to sacrifice almost your entire day with my so called ,,moving out".

I said quietly without turning to face him and I tried to make myself move up.

- Come on Suzushi, it's nothing. At least you'll finish earlier.

He said on his usual kind, tame voice before he picked up my bags and went upstairs with me.

- What's wrong?

He asked because I again just stand in one place. I looked in front of myself for a few moments before replying. Now I felt that stange feeling taking over even more.

- Nothing, you're just way too kind as always...

I said again quietly before I turned to him and trying to attempt  on acting like Osana-chan.

- Baka.

He laughed and playfully punched my shoulder before we finally got up to his room.

- Want me to help too?

Senpai's sister asked peeking out from her own room, already wearing her pajamas.

- You should already be in bed Imouto! School tommorrow you know.

Said Taro, putting my bags on his bed while I put them down on ground.

- You two should as well.

She said after she yawned like a sleepy tired cat.

- Good point.

I said while Taro just sighs but she already closed her room's door as she giggled on her touché. For now I leave my clothes in that brow suitcase there what Taro-kun brought up but I take out my school uniform and shoes before placing them up next to his uniform on the gardrobe's handle next to his window. Taro already placed down my traveler cot on the floor and went out to search for me a blanket and a pillow. I sighed as I watched him taking out the blanket from where they kept them after he bought them for me yesterday. I told him he doesn't have to but he wanted me to use new stuffs and not the ones that I used for many years what I spend in the Youth Fosters Home. He even threw it into the trash and said it's nothing to pay for new ones instead of rags, he wanted me to use better things. Taro placed both of them on the traveler cot before sits down on his bed.

- Have you bring all of your belongings with yourself?

I nodded before I sit down on his office chair which was placed in front of his computer, which was between his window and bed.

- Yeah I didn't forgot anything, I think. It's cool that your parents actually let me move in. I didn't really thought they would.

The other boy just tilted his head sideways as he responded.

- It was surprising for me, know. They know about your... acting in school and what you usually do while you're hanging out with the delinquents...

I chuckled amused as I heard him saying that with such an unappreciating voice.

- And they still didn't heard about my "night activities".

Taro just sighed as he changed his clothes. I looked away from him as he did and looked at my nails.

- Maybe that's your luck. They would be horrified if they knew at least a minor part of what you attempt to do in the town after school with your...gang.

I turned my head to him after he finished putting his pajamas on.

- Hey, I never been arrested, the police wasn't able to link me to the stealings or to the damages these idiots did on the buildings. I always managed to get away "nice and clean".

He just shaked his head silently as he looked on his sad for a couple of seconds. He didn't really have said anything ever about my crimes. He knew I didn't hed the best childhood a what a kid should have and he was aware of the fact that there was a time if I didn't do things what I have done, maybe I wouldn't be even there with him now. I learned many tricks as a kid about how to steal without getting caught. My father wasn't able to take care about me, so I had to take care about myself. But I cannot blame him. It wasn't he's fault that life was way to harsh to him and slowly broke him. I don't remember to many things and lost the majority of my memories what I spend with him, but I just simply cannot blame him for anything. At least I belonged to somewhere before I had to escape.

- Wanna put on the net our group photos with Budo and Shin?

I asked him to get us out of that annoying silence. I didn't really felt up to use the pc now but well why not anyways.

- Whatever, but you should change your clothes anyway or you want to sleep in your leather jacket?

He pointed on me still wearing that leather jacket.

- Uh, yeah I planned on.

I turned on the computer before I actually started to change my clothes while Taro got his phone out of his pocket and walked over to his pc to log in and upload the photos we made. While the photos was about to get on it both Budo and Shin wrote to our chat window, which only we used and was called "Only Coolests" what I actually named that. Not the most original idea but it speaks out itself my opinion about the dear "teacher's pets". However it does not really matter I know but anyways the guys were already on the community page.

- You should really rename that. I understand you don't like a few people but we're not really the bests eighter.

He said it while he wrote back in the chat window to the guys. I just simply replied without thinking if I should say this or not.

- I don't care. I'm not running to the teacher to spit like they do and get their noses into stuffs which are none of their business and then get surprised if some of their noses meets my fist.

Taro in response just asked quietly and with a sad voice a serious question.

- Why you have to be so violent always?

- Well I'm sorry for being an actuall character.

He again sighed tiredly. I knew I shouldn't have said like that but that's the truth about what I think.

- You never change.

I don't like seeing like that. I should have answered to him less ruder. It's the way I am, but I didn't wanted to be rude with him ever, even tho' I often being rude and not caring but not with him.

- I want to, but I just simply can't now. I also can't change my ideology views.

This wasn't a lie. I really wanted to be better. I know my crimes put a mark on me, but... I already have a reason to try to be better. I had him always by my side. He's the only one who had always been there for me. The only lasting thing is him in my corrupted life. I wanted to be worthy of him and him being safe with me, without the danger of my past life.

- However I'll sleep now, I don't want to be late tommorrow. You should too.

He logged out and went to his bed slowly.

- Yes, you're right as always. Oyasumi.

I layed on the traveler cot and pulled on the new blanket over myself.

- Oyasumi, Suzushi.

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