Raibaru Noitoko is an OC made by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Raibaru Noitoko
Name Raibaru Noitoko





Osana Najimi

Appearance & Personality

She has Red-Orange hair and very tan skin.

She is a tsundere to everyone except for her friends.

Her persona is tsundere, she will pretend to not be afraid but after she is out of sight she will run to a teacher or out of school to call the police.


At 7:11 she arrives at school, goes to her locker then the rooftop to go to her friend group. At 7:15 she goes to the friend group. At 8:25 she goes to class and at 8:30 she starts morning classes. At 1:00 she goes back to the rooftop to her friend group. On Tuesdays she will go to the back of the school with Uchikina to have a "discussion" with Ijime Kurushimemaru and his cronies. On Wednesday, she'll talk to herself about Osana Najimi, her crush. She's alone and staring at Osana and her friends from behind a tree. She's easy to eliminate because she's by herself. At 1:25 she will go back to class and at 1:30 she will start afternoon classes. At 3:30 she will go back to the rooftop with her friends and at 4:00 she will leave the school.


Uchikina Tekinananoko - Her best friend since they met at the beginning of the year.

Mary Jane - Her friend since she came as an exchange student.

Shoni Teki - Her best friend since childhood.

Hogo Furendo- The bad boy that she's annoyed with.

Imoto Furendo - She's a close friend.

Osana Najimi - Her crush.


"Thanks, but I knew that already." - When complimenting her.

"What are you doing that for? Stop that! - When seeing Yandere-chan insane or laughinhg maniacally.

"Put that thing away weirdo!" - When seeing Yandere Chan with a weapon.

"OMG!" - When seeing Yandere Chan kill someone.

"You are a disgusting person...." - When seeing Yandere Chan taking a panty shot.

"Oh, when will Osana notice me. Ok I'll confess to her this Friday." - When talking to herself about Osana, her crush.


Her crush on Osana Najimi is ironic because they're both tsunderes.

She's a lesbian.