Pureti Momo
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Art Club
Age  ???
Persona Loner
Crush none
Additional Info None


Pureti Momo wears the default uniform unless customized by player. Her uniform has a green paint stain on it as she is in the art club. Its very faint as she has tried multiple times to wash it out.

She has black hair that she wears in a relatively messy ponytail on the side of her head. She wears it in a small purple scrunchy. Her bangs are moved toward the right. She also has black eyes that match her hair. Her bust size is 0.8.

Her classmates describe her as cute in a childish manner.


She is a loner. She will hide her face if you aim a camera at her. She will run out through the school gates if she witnesses murder or corpses. She will not talk to you the next day if she witnesses you murder someone. She cannot participate in fights with the player.

Her classmate describe her as intelligent and mature. She is also described to be very quiet.


She enters in a crowd with the rest of the students. After putting on her indoor shoes she goes to a bench in the plaza and reads until class. At 8:00 AM she goes to class 1-2 and stays there until lunch time. During lunch, she eats bento on the bench across from the one Kokona Haruka eats at. She then heads back to class at 1:20. At 3:30 she heads to the art club to paint pictures and stays there for the rest of the day.


She was born in an apartment that can be described as decent. Her dad was a drunkard who was unemployed and didn't care for his daughter. Her mom was very overworked as she did everything she could to support her family as her husband didn't do anything. She was often made fun of because she wasn't as wealthy as others and because of her dad. She was also made fun of by her dad. Because of this, she fell into depression. One day, she was about to jump off of the roof when a boy named No Oki told her not to. He was very clever and convicned her to live. They became very good friends after that. No Oki introduced her to his sister Kokoro Oki. She like Momo and was happy to meet her, however they do not talk much. They love when they do talk. Kokoro Oki eventually introduced her to Caeru Leusu. Caeru is somewhat dimwitted and Momo often tutors her because of this.


Shi Kei - He has a crush on her. Momo is unaware of this.

No Oki - Prevented her from committing suicide.

Kokoro Oki - Likes her a lot

Caeru Leusu - Tutors her often

Feel free to add your own oc's


Her task is to find a bracelet she lost. It can be found on a desk in the computer lab.


Well... I did lose my bracelet. Its red and beaded. I would love if you helped me look.
— Momo asking for her bracelet
Its bright red. It shouldn't be too hard to find.
— After accepting her task
I guess I'll have to look for it myself then.
— After declining her task
You actually found it? I've been looking everywhere for it. Thanks.
— After completing her task


  • She is my 2nd oc
  • The paint stain on her arm was originally pink, i made the paint stain as an excuse for a bad portrait
  • she was originally in the gardening club

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