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Pretty Grumpy Bear is an OC created by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Pretty Grumpy Bear



Female Female


She She









Blood Type





Straight Straight

Personal Status

Bug Testing

Educated in

Akademi High School






Bagu Guritchi

Additional Info
She bug tests a game called "Yandere Simulator".

The guy she is in love with likes game breaking bugs.

Exchange student.


PGB wears the default uniform unless customized. She has black hair and black eyes. She is 5 foot 3" tall as she stated in one of her videos.

She lives in Hong Kong, China.


She has the persona Anti-Yandere. This means she can detect any suspicious and/or inappropriate activity. If she witnesses murder, she will do one of three things:

  1. She will rush at the attacker, and a special minigame will play. Like Yandere-chan when the hero minigame is played, she will hold a knife. So if she were battling Yandere-chan and win, Yandere-chan will be killed for the safety of others.

2. If someone is already trying to apprehend the attacker, she will rush to get a teacher.

3. If someone is doing one of the first two things, she will rush to get Tesutā and get out of the school. She will also alert any other students who get in her way to flee the school. This is a problem because a rush of witnesses will flee the school. Heroes will rush towards the scene, Teacher's Pets will run towards their classrooms, Loners and Cowards will flee the school, and Social Butterflys, no matter their reputation, will flock together and call the police.


7:00 Am - She comes in on the right side.

7:05 Am - Takes a selfie.

7:10 Am - Changes her shoes.

7:15 Am - She heads up to the Bug Testing Room. (Computer Lab)

7:20 - 8:25 - Bug tests Yandere Simulator with her team.

8:30 -1:00 - Goes to morning classes.

1:00 - 1:30 - Goes to eat lunch.

1:30 - 3:30 - Does afternoon classes

3:30 - 5:30 - Bug tests Yan Sim again with her team.

5:30 - 6:30 - She goes home.


Yandere-chan - Thinks she's wierd.

Kokona Haruka - Calls her "bitchey-chan".

Saki Miyu - Calls her "Mind Slave-chan".

Ronshaku Mosume - Calls her "Ronshakushakushakushaku-chan".

Tesutā - Her distant cousin.


"Thanks!" - When she's complimented.

"You are just like that Yandere girl when she laughs..." - When seeing Yandere-chan laughing maniacally.

"I hope that weapon isn't real." - When she sees Yandere-chan with a weapon.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, [Insert victim's name here]! - When she sees Yandere-chan kill someone.

"That is not cool!' - When she sees Yandere-chan take panty shots.

The Most Hypothetical Conversations Ever!

PGB and Kokona's Conversation

PGB - *****-chan!

Kokona - Huh? Who're-

PGB - I heard you are doing compensated dating, is that true?

Kokona - NO! Who-

PGB then slaps her so hard Kokona is knocked to the floor and cries.

PGB - *****!


She is based on the actual PGB -

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