Pippi is a lifeless gamer who is in her class since 2 years as she always gets bad grades. She likes Ryuto Ippongo and is dating him atm.


She first started gaming when she was 3. She has the name xRyutoLovex on most sites and games. Pippi's mother died when she was 7. She didn't give two fucks. Pippi's father died when she was 16. She didn't give a fuck and worked at a Cybercafé to gain money.


Her mother slipped in the kitchen and fell on a knife and died. Her father became so upset since then and had a fear of knifes till one day he brought meat but forgot he can't slice it with a knife. He then stayed without food till he died.

Even more

Pippi put her father's corpse under the computer desk and stored CDs and DVDs in his mouth. She continued gaming afterwards and didn't enter elementary school.


  • She is on the computer 23 hours and half on holidays and 16 on schooldays.
  • She sleeps at 4:30 PM and wakes up at 1 AM. She dreams of gaming.
  • She entered high school for its computers.
  • She sucks.

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