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Pippi Osu
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Gaming
Age Around 16
Persona Loner
Crush Ryuto Ippongo
Additional Info Extremely unlikely to witness a murder unless it takes place in the computer lab.

Pippi Osu is a female student that attends Akademi High School. She is an easter egg of the character from the game osu!.


Pippi has pink and black hair. Her bangs are pink, and the back is black. Her eyes are light green. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player.


Pippi is a Loner. She will hide her face if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder, she will run home and call the police.


Ryuto Ippongo

Pippi has a crush on him, but she does not know that he has a crush on her as well. If he is murdered in front of her, she will attack Ayano and attempt to apprehend her.

Kisekae Code

Outdated (Old hair)


Updated (By Igor)



Official Art

These are pictures of Pippi in Yandere Simulator. Her school clothes, basically.

Outdated pictures of Pippi in Yandere Simulator.

These are pictures of Pippi in little skits based on Yandere Simulator, specifically official ones posted by YandereDev.

This is Pippi's old "osu!" design - her Idol Design. In fanon, this doubles as her Puella Magi outfit.

This is Pippi's current "osu!" design - her DJ Design. Doubles as her casual clothes.

Fan Art

Fanmade pictures of Pippi not made with a computer.

Fanmade pictures of Pippi made with a computer.

Fanmade pictures of Pippi made with a computer game such as Kisekae.

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