Pinku Hato
Screenshot 2015-10-17 at 4.09.41 PM
Student Info
Career None
Reputation -2
Club Cooking, Sex
Age 18
Persona Pervert
Crush kiiro hoshi
Strength Fights back Weak
Additional Info None

Belongs to skittylover3


She is sweet and bubbly normally, but she can be quite cruel for the greater good. She is not afraid to do dangerous things if she thinks what's she doing is right. Because of this, she can be very harsh on those she suspects, but to those she doesn't she is very nice. The contrast between these two things can freak people out, but she's still at least justice-minded and trustworthy. She's a ditz and gets bad grades, but she still tries hard at what she does. Teachers appreciate the hard work, but are strict on her nonetheless. She's a pervert and lusts after Senpai, as well as other people. However, she won't do anything bad to them (Usually) and just loves to observe. She knows her boundaries (Sometimes). This character is kind of tough, but not the strongest. She can hold her own in a battle for a short while, but she just can't fight for long. She has difficulty wielding heavy weapons but is great with long-ranged ones and has great accuracy but she is the best when using knifes her speed and skill with the blade is amazing( not that amazing but it is great but not amazing it just sounded better in a sentance) Her butcher knifes name is sasha. She stalks Mai when not talkng to her friends (If her perversion bothers someone depending on the person she will stop. unless she knows said person will hurt her then she will keep on going.) She is a masochist.  


Her parents were murdered when she was 13 years old. She lived on the street for 5 years and was seperated from her half sister Aoi. She had to take care of Sakura all by herself Sakura was a newborn when she started to take care of her, she also took care of a lot of diffrent children too, but all of the other children died. Aoi was adopted and she eventually found Pinku while she was roaming the streats. (She has a harsh sence of justice due to her time their.) She now lives with Aoi, Sakura, and her 4 other half sisters.(her dad has pink hair. Her mom has pink hair. Her step dad has cyan hair.) 


  • She is bi.
  • She loves Senpai (She is in a relationship with Kiiro. Ayano does not kill her because of this and tries to keep her and kiiro from breaking up).
  • Derp



Pinku's bedroom

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