These are the various personas in Yandere Simulator. They are not to be confused with personalities; Personas categorize how students react to murder.

Canon Personas


If a Loner witnesses a murder, they will run out of school to call the police, giving you five minutes to get rid of the evidence there was a murder. Loners are shy and will not allow you to take photographs of their faces

Teacher's Pet

If a Teacher's Pet witnesses a murder, s/he will go find their favorite teacher and show her the body. If you move the body out of their sight, the teacher will ask if it was a prank and will become angry with the witness. The witness will then carry on with his/her day traumatized. If the teacher finds the body, the witness will wait with the teacher for the police as she looks over it.

Social Butterfly

If a Social Butterfly witnesses a murder, s/he will go to a populated group and will call the police, if they see you come close to them after arriving to the populated area they will scream, making people look at the murderer and will make the murderers reputation go down. If the murderer continues to kill people in their sight they will mentally collapse and hug their legs.


Will attack the murderer upon first reaction to murder. There is a small mini game after being chased down by the witness where you must press different buttons to avoid the attack. If you win, the other person dies. If you lose, you are restrained, causing a Game Over. Heroic students will be suspicious of you if you take a photo of them.


If someone with an Evil persona witnesses a murder, s/he will congratulate you and run out of the school. They will not talk to the murderer to make themselves not look like a subordinate, They will hide their face after giving the player a bad look.


Will be completely terrified of a Yandere. They will promise to keep quiet as long as the murderer spares them. They will not allow you to take photos of them.


YandereDev has stated that all rivals may have a persona that causes them to run to Senpai and tell him what happened if you do a suspicious act or kill someone. This is likely going to give you a game over.


This is the designated persona for Yandere-chan and her mother. They will stop at nothing to be with their crush and will kill rivals for their lovers affection.

An Unnamed "delinquent" persona

A student with this persona will not speak to Yandere-chan and push her away if she comes close, unless she has a low reputation. If they see Yandere-chan with a weapon, they will raise theirs and defend themselves when attacked, causing an instant game over. If they see Yandere-chan with a dead body, they will attack her and, again, cause an instant game over.


A sleuth student is cheery and playful, but can eliminate Yandere-chan in low school atmosphere by snapping a picture if Yandere-chan is witnessed killing someone and then sending the picture to the police. It is unknown how they will react to a photo being taken of them.

Fanon Personas


The Hostile persona is much like a Delinquent, except the react to more things such as panty shots or carrying a 'weapon' even if you are in the club where the tool is allowed. If a Hostile persona witnesses murder they will run up to the player and trigger the struggle mini-game, if you win you stab them in the head, if you lose the Hostile will instead of apprehend you, push you to the ground and stab you multiple times. People with this persona are usually delinquents, considering they do not have a high popularity and would kill you.


A comedian, similar to the charismatic persona, will engage a mini game with the character when they try to kill the student. The student will start to say funny jokes and try to make the player laugh uncontrollably so the student can get away. It is very alike to the martial arts mini-game. If the player presses the right buttons and the cursor that they are using gets to the end, just like in the martial arts mini game when you win ,the player will kill the student who is telling the jokes. If you loose and the cursor gets to the end, like in the martial arts mini game when you loose, when you are laughing someone (a teacher nearby or a martial arts student) will apprehend you. If none of those are there at the time, the student with this persona will quickly un-arm you and tackle the player, although they can't apprehend the player. They will keep you on the ground until a teacher arrives to apprehend you.

Please ask VernyP's permission before using this persona


Abusive students usually abuse everything they have, If Yandere-Chan completes a task for them, They won't even thank her. If they notice murder they will say "I didn't like them anyway!" unless the murdered student is their crush. If their crush (or good friend) is killed they will kick you down meaning that they will apprehend you without a struggle mini-game.


The traitor persona will act like a social butterfly around other students, and when they witness murder, they pretend to congratulate the murderer, then leave the school to not be found as a witness by the police, but the student will attempt to stealthily murder the protagonist when their guard is down.


People with this persona are usually very or somewhat seductive. If a camera is pointed at them they would pose like Mida Rana from the rival intro video. If they see you do most suspicious actions they would ignore you. If you take panty shots of students they would smirk at you and gossip about you. If you take a panty shot of them they would back away and tell the person that "It's too early" and then giggle. They would not gossip about you if you take panty shots of them. If they witness murder they would try to seduce the murderer so the murderer could spare them(this will result in a mini game where the player has to resist them). If they see a dead body they would also ignore it.


These types of people act very weird towards others, which causes their reputation to get lowered. Some people with this persona act very immature or they're very sensitive. Students with this persona can get bullied easily just because of their behavior. If someone with this persona witnesses you commit murder they will run out of the school and run home and tell their parents (or guardian) all about what just happened. They will do the same thing if they witness a body. If you hold a weapon near them they will run away and tell a teacher. If they see blood on the ground or on someone's uniform they would just think it's ketchup and walk away. These types of people are very (or sort of) dumb so they will accept any apology and/or gossip no matter how outrageous it is.


Faithful students are often hanging out with friends. They don't really care for other students unless they're a family member or a friend. If they witness you murder they would usually run and tell their family member or their friend about it and tell them to run out of the school with them. These people are also very protective of their friends and family, if someone makes a negative remark on their friend/family member the Faithful student would be angered and gossip about the player constantly until the player apologizes to the friend or family member. If the player kills the friend or a family member of the student they with avenge them by trying to kill you. If all their loved ones are dead they would be emotionless and they would try to find who killed their friend/family member and if they end up finding out who did it they will try to kill them. If they succeed, after killing the player the faithful student will then commit suicide.


This is an alternate Yandere persona. If an Obsessive persona witnesses you murder someone, it depends on who you murdered. If you murder someone that they hate or they don't really care for they would act upon the criminal persona. However, if they see you murder someone that the person is friends with, they will apprehend you. What makes thing worse is that is you murder their crush they will try to kill you which will lead to a fighting minigame. If you win, they die, if they win, you will get stabbed in the head and as you die they will laugh insanely. If they see a body, no matter who's body it is, they will run to their crush and try to convince them to leave the school immediately. If their friends and crush are killed without them noticing they will get depressed and eventually commit suicide. People with this type of persona are very easy to frame with murder, especially that they murder their "competition" also. They wouldn't notice you taking pictures of them while committing murder but they will get rid of all of the evidence, except for pictures. If you do anything suspicious they wouldn't care. If you talk to their crush Obsessive people will stalk you and try to kill you unless you can convince them that it's just something else. If you aim a camera at them they will give you an irritated look but then they will do a social butterfly pose.


Students with the Sadistic will react to murder by taking out a weapon and killing the nearest student in an attempt to one-up you. When you kill another student, so will they. (The weapon they pull out is based on what club they are in.) They will destroy their weapon and leave the body after you put your weapon away if you have not befriended them prior. If you have befriended them, they will destroy their own corpses. They will kill anyone that witnesses them commit murder, making it hard to frame them. After this, they will not ignore you and will talk to you like nothing ever happened.


Will do their best to protect both the murderer, victim, and any nearby witnesses. Rather than run away from the crime scene, they will stay. If the victim isn't yet dead, a Kind student will attempt to resuscitate them.

Notable OCs with the Kind persona include Jesus, Takumi Tachibana, Andoru Saikou and Jack Smith.


Students with the Bossy persona will react to murder by herding away the witnesses in an attempt to ensure no-one else gets hurt. It can be quite useful to commit murder in front of a student wih the Bossy persona as personas with negative reactions to murder cannot take action in this scenario. The amount of students affected by the 'herding' depends upon the strength of the Bossy student. After the student has made sure all the witnesses are safe, they will lock themselves in a storage cupboard and call the police. If you try to take a picture of a Bossy student, they will cross their arms and glare at the camera.


Will just look at you when trying to take a photo of them. They will put their hands up in defense after seeing murder, if witnessing you kill the day after, when you bring out a weapon, they put their hands up in defense.

Even though canon,[1] Student-chan had this persona but it was removed and no-longer in the game.


Anti-heroes are not above committing typically 'evil' actions, such as murder, although their intentions are kindhearted. They will try and restrain a murderer, interrogate them, and if the answer is reasonable to them, then they will no longer pester the murderer. If not, they will act in similar ways to the Hero persona, but instead of sending you to prison, they'll try to kill you.

Notable OCs with the Anti-Hero persona include Emi Fukui.


Oblivious characters are too dumb to understand that the student had been murdered. They'll mistakenly assume that the corpse is "sleeping," or had red paint spilled on it, etc.

Notable OCs with the Oblivious persona possibly include Aiden Jones


Creative characters will use surrounding objects to protect themselves or anyone else. If they can't stop the murder of anyone else, they will try to prove the player murdered someone by finding creative ways to stalk you.

Notable OCs with the Creative persona include Akai Penki and possibly Takuto Mikachi, and Miharu Kawasaki.


Author characters will first act as the Evil persona, they will pretend to congratulate the murderer on their kill, and promise not to say a word about it. But then, they will secretly write about the murder with great detail about every single thing in a notebook, notepad, or etc. and send this to the police to get the murderer arrested.

Notable OCs with the Author persona include Miharu Kawasaki.


Shy characters will, given their shy nature, hide behind the nearest large object, whether it be a dumpster, tree, or door. If they come into the protagonist's sight range, they will act more like the Fragile persona.


Conceiving characters will act either as a Teacher's Pet or Coward if they witness murder along other people, but when they get away from the sight of other witnesses they'll act as if nothing happened. If they are the only ones around to witness murder, they'll act as an Evil persona.

Notable OCs with the Conceiving persona include Makoto Haruma.


Much like the Heroic persona, protective characters will do their best to keep everyone safe. If they see a corpse, murder evidence or the school atmosphere is slow, they will become extra cautious with themselves and the other students. They will stay with students that are alone, do patrols during breaks, react to a visibly armed character, etc.. If they see someone being attacked they will engage on a combat with the killer. If they fail to save victim, they will stay shocked for a while before attacking the killer.

Notable OCs with the Protective persona include Amashi Nijiro and Amashi #3.


Students with the Charismatic persona will stay calm and try and talk their way out of being attacked, choosing their words carefully. Much like the Heroic persona, there is a small minigame when you come close to the witness where you have to choose the right dialogue options in a limited amount of time, or else the murderer will be tricked into sparing them, and that student will be unkillable for the entire day. The higher your Psychology stat, the more time you have to pick an answer. For every Psychology level they have, you have less time to pick an answer.

Notable OCs with the Charismatic persona include Chidjireta Katsura.


Characters with the Jerk Persona are similar to the characters with the Anti-Hero persona. These characters are easily angered, mean spirited and hateful to other characters, and usually have luck as a "Karma" system. These characters are much harder to manipulate or kill, as they will ignore you or treat you badly unless you do things for them. Also, if they see anything suspicious, they will call the police and guard the evidence.


The student will go into shock and faint, exactly like how a student faints when they are tranquilized. In three minutes they will wake up. Since they are asleep, they are much easier to kill. You could even throw them into the incinerator alive or put them into an instrument case, kidnapping them.

Notable OCs with the Weak persona include Hitomi Tamura.


Screamers are successors of the Social Butterflies, as they both describe very loud and talkative persons. When a Screamer witnesses murder, they scream as loud as they possibly can. Their scream alerts the NPCs who are nearby. For example, if a Screamer witnesses murder on the rooftop, their scream will alert the personas of the students on the whole rooftop. First, other students will look in the direction of the Screamer. Then, they will look around to see anything suspicious. If they see Yandere-chan bloody, insane, or holding a bloody weapon near a body, they will find you suspicious and their personas are triggered. As school atmosphere drops, the stronger the scream will get. If doors are open, the scream will alert students on the previous floor. The students below will run up to see what's going on. If you are found acting suspiciously, their personas will be triggered. After the scream, the student flees the school.

When the player is trying to take a picture of a Screamer, they will get mad at you and you will get a reputation drop, as students with this persona will ALWAYS gossip with someone at least once a day and usually participate in clubs.

Notable OCs with the Screamer persona include Yoshino Furo.


An Apathetic student will completely overlook anything that might be suspicious, will not be paranoid at low school atmosphere, and will not react to having photos taken of them. If the player is in the photography club, they will not stop for the player, because they simply do not care.


An Unstable student will act alike to the social butterfly persona until the murderer or the act of murdering makes them snap, making them lose all their sanity. They will try to kill the person if they are the one who made them snap, leading to a fighting minigame. If they lose the fighting mini-game they will die and if they win the fighting mini-game they will kill the person they are fighting


An Artistic student will act alike to the Evil persona and pretend to completely overlook a crime. If they can, however, the student will snap a picture of the corpse/murder scene when the murderer isn't looking, or if the attacker decides to leave the evidence and leaves. When the Artistic student gets home, they will make a picture based on the murder, but won't delete the picture from their phone, and will show the picture of the corpse on their phone, their own picture that was based on the murder, and any other evidence to the police, so the murderer will get arrested.

The Imaginative persona is almost exactly the same as the Artistic persona, except they will write a long imaginative story about the murder afterwards and will show their story to the police along with the picture of the corpse on their phone and any evidence.


Students with the Criminal persona will react to murder as if they don't mind it, they will congratulate the murderer and will help the murderer get rid of the body, they will go on with their day if they find any puddles of blood, blood weapons or bloody clothes. They will also be willing to help the player with murder and blackmailing.


Students with the Deceitful persona will act on the Evil persona if they see a murder. However, unlike students with the Evil persona, they will lie about not telling anyone and will head to the police to report the murderer. If they find any puddles of blood, blood weapons or bloody clothes, they will report it to the teacher.


Students with the Devious persona will act upon the coward persona if they witness a murder, but will not call the police. They are more or less a more passive version of the Devoted persona, They will get rid of their Rivals through more passive / passive aggressive means. They will only kill people if they get in the way too much or if they catch onto them.

(Please ask Rena-Shi for Permission to use)


Students with the Cannibal Persona will act upon the conceiving persona when they witness murder, except they will drag a corpse to a closeted area and put the personas body in a case to drag home and eat once everyone leaves the area, which makes them susceptible to framing.

(Please ask Rena-Shi for Permission to use)

Loyal (Rena-Shi's Verion)

Students with the Loyal persona will pose differently depending on how they are known to the person they are loyal to, if its a positive outlook they will pose happily, but if it is a bad outlook they will frown and threaten to tell the person they are loyal to; on the other hand if its their designated student who is taking the picture they will pose cutely. If they witness murder they will run to their designated student, and will lower your reputation by 10 points everyday and will refuse to speak to you.


Students with the Neutral persona will be neutral towards murders. They will sometimes care and sometimes will not care at all. They will not report the murder unless needed. Sometimes, they will help with murder.


Students with the Motivated persona looks like the Heroic persona as first, but, if witness a murder, they will be reluctant to fight. However, if the murderer kills more students, the student will be obligated to fight.


Students with this persona are unsure and will nervously run around the school, just so the murderer wouldn't catch them. They try to find a safe area, such as a bathroom, a storage room, or a classroom. They do not try to call the police but rather to calm themselves. Once about ten seconds have passed, they try to carefully sneak out of the school without being seen, but they don't call the police, they just try to reach home. Their head moves like a security camera, looking left, right, and sometimes even back. Once they see Yandere-chan, they'll go on the run again.

Students with this persona will pull a little smile when Yandere-chan tries to take pictures of them, but the rest of the face looks a bit unsure.


A student with this persona will only proceed to take action if a friend, crush etc. have been killed. If any random student has died they won't really care but if their exclusive student is dead they will melt down and attack everyone around them in a fit of grief and vengeance.


If a Gossipy student witnesses murder, they will act on the Social Butterfly persona. However, the next day, they will damage your reputation by -20 instead of -10. If they see you being suspicious, but not connected to murder, they will also deal -20 damage to your reputation. If a camera is pointed at them, they will act like a Social Butterfly.


Alert students who witness murder will act on the Loner persona, but they have a much larger detection range. In high school atmosphere, their detection range is doubled; in medium school atmosphere, their detection range is tripled; in low school atmosphere, their detection range is quadrupled. If a camera is pointed at them, they will act like a student with the Heroic persona.


Students with the Quiet persona will stay calm and pretend not to notice the murder, then alert a teacher. You can still tell they have witnessed the murder, however, if you have Yandere Vision and they show up orange.

Notable OCs with the Quiet persona include Kurochi Matsuno.


Tasty is a persona only used by foods. If foods with the tasty persona see the murder of their best friend, they will grow giant kawaii eyes in hopes you won't eat them. Complimenting a tasty food will result in them saying "DON'T EAT ME! I'M NOT TASTY!".

The first OC to use this persona was Potato-kun.


The detective persona will cause a student to easily figure out of something is up. If they witness a murder, they will dig into your background and uncover everything about you. If they spot a body, blood pool, or if a student goes missing they will begin investigating as well. If you take a picture of them, they will not react and just find you weird. However if a picture is taken after they have seen a blood pool, bloodied weapon, a body or a student is missing, they will look at you and smile, figuring out you are the killer.

Notable OCs with this trait include Eru Ryusaki.


Students with the Malicious Persona will pretend to congratulate the murderer, and offer to help get rid of the evidence, but once the killer lets their guard down, the Malicious student will attempt to murder them.


People with the dangerous persona will try and kill you if you come close to them. If you kill someone in front of them, they will put an evil grin on and chase the player and try to push you down and stab you repeatedly. They also bully people and trash talk teachers on the internet.

Social Hero

Students with this persona will run to the nearest group and call the police and wait it out. If a second murder is committed, they act as a hero, attempting to apprehend the murderer. If they saw only one murder the last day, they will immediately apprehend the murderer the next time they see murder take place, regardless of the amount of times. They refuse to talk to the murderer if they witnessed only 1 murder.

Notable OCs with this persona include Camelia Calicia.

Social Coward

Similarly to the sleuth, this persona is affected by atmosphere. In high atmosphere (or medium), student with this persona run to the nearest group and call the cops. In low atmosphere or having witnessed the murder of 2 people before they can reach the destination, they pray for safety and promise not to call the cops. They will talk to the murderer if the school atmosphere was low, but will lower your reputation if other students notice their fear.

Notable OCs with this persona include Koneko Hayamizu

Social Evil

Students with this persona will congratulate the player only if they witness murder, then run to the nearest group. They will act as if you have done a huge favor for you, and will raise your reputation quite a bit daily, though the number goes down a bit daily.

Notable OCs with this persona include Sapphire And Brandon.

Social Pet

Students with this persona act mostly like teacher's pets. If they witness murder or find a corpse, they will first report it to their teachers, but instead of staying with them, they will run to a highly populated area. If someone has already reported a murder or a corpse, they will hide in a crowded area rather than hiding in their classrooms.

If a camera is aimed at a social pet's face, they will strike a cute pose.


If an NPC with this persona witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder, they'll be shocked for about five seconds. These five seconds can be used to kill the student before they run. After their shock has passed, the student will glare angrily at her. Vengeful students will advice Yandere-chan that she'll regret the crime. After they finish this speech, they will flee school grounds and tell Yandere-chan that she's been warned rather than call the police. So far, only Zei Taku has this persona.

The next day, the Vengeful student will act as if she was normal to Yandere-chan, making it impossible to interact with them. Vengeful witnesses will not damage the protagonist's reputation if left alive, however she will steal a bat from the Sports Club in order to chase after Yandere-chan and get her revenge by retaliating violently with a blow to the head, resulting in a comatose game over.

If the player tries to take a picture of them, they will walk away from the camera. If Yandere-chan is in the Photography Club, they will instead simply stand still.


It is very similar to the Teacher's Pet Persona, After their shock has passed, the student will run to the leader of the club they're in at the clubroom. The Loyal student will explain to the club leader that they saw a student attack someone, or a corpse. The student will then lead the club leader and all other members of the club to where they saw the body. The club leader will call the police and the student will run back to their clubroom and stay there for the rest of the time, leaving the NPC defenseless, until the police come. In five minutes, the police will arrive at school, both Tomo Dachi and Sayuri Izuhara have this persona.

If the player moves the corpse before the club leader arrives, the other club members will think that the student has pulled a prank on them and will scold them. The student will be shocked that the leader doesn't believe them. They both will then walk back to class, but the student will be furious about what happened.

If a Loyal student has witnessed the player committing murder, they will refuse to talk to the player from the next day onward, saying that they know what Yandere-chan has done. Every day they are left alive will damage Yandere-chan's reputation by 10 points.


Saviors attempt to rescue students Yandere-chan attempts to kill. For example, if Yandere-chan tries to stab someone, they will pull the student out of the way. After saving their lives, they bring the student to a room, lock the door, and call the police.

Unlike other students who call the police, there is no way to dispose of the evidence aside from killing the two students, as there is no evidence to dispose of. When the police arrive, the eyewitnesses will tell them their story, and Yandere-chan will be arrested for attempted murder. A notable OC with this persona is Kana Mayagochi.

If Yandere-chan attempts to take a photo of them, they will tilt their heads at her with a confused expression on their face. If the player is in the Photography Club, they will simply stand still.

Conditional Hero

Students with this persona will run out of the school if the killer has a high strength stat, but will remove the killer's weapon and attack the killer or apprehend the killer if the killer has a low strength stat. Notable OCS with this persona are: (none yet made)


Students with this persona will react to murder, in a variety of ways, most commonly Screaming loud enough that everyone on the premises can hear, attacking the player, or dashing out of school. They can also react to murder by throwing an object at the player to delay them, kicking the player down and standing on her chest (preventing her from getting up), and rushing to a teacher, and knocking out the player. They are truly unpredictable.

Notable OCs with this persona include Ao Buru.


Students with this persona have normal behavior similar to the Social Butterfly persona, but instead of talking next to the fountain they will go to the roof to read a book.

Upon seeing the player carrying a weapon, they act suspicious and act like any other student would in that situation.

If they see the player committing murder, they will act shocked but will eventually do the "Evil" pose and ask them if they would like help. At this point, it is possible to attempt to kill them (But if they are in the martial arts club they will put up a fight), but it is also possible to say yes and let them "tag along". After a minute or two in-game of following the player around, they will excuse themselves to "go to the bathroom". But instead of doing that, they will either promptly escape the school and call the police OR, if they are in the Martial Arts Club, will apprehend the player from behind and start the normal minigame for apprehending the murderer.

If you point the camera at them, they will act annoyed and cover their face.


Students with the Vigilante persona often carry concealable weapons around. These students like a good murder, but if a second happens, they will rush at the murderer and attempt to restrain them. If the student sees the murderer kill on the subsequent days, they will bare their weapon and attempt to kill the murderer; This is to stop the murderer for good.

They do not enjoy having photos taken of them, often giving a death glare of sorts. The Vigilante persona is a combination of the Evil and Hero personas.

Notable OCs with this persona include Marena Resu


Students with the Traitor persona will react like an evil character towards seeing two murders, but once they see a third murder, they'll attempt to apprehend the murderer. During low atmosphere, they react as if a Social Butterfly, whilst they react as if a Hero persona during high or medium atmosphere.

When someone tries to take a picture of them, during high school atmosphere they pose, during medium and low they tilt their head, with an angered expression, and raise their hand to cover their neck.

Notable OCs with this persona include Ayuna Mirai.

Queen Bee

Students with this persona will pose arrogantly if the player has their phone out. They will only talk to you if your reputation is high enough. Befriending them is harder than most personas. They also walk in groups in most places(excluding entering school and going to class)

If a student this persona witnesses murder, they will run to their friends, telling them what have you done. The next day, your reputation will already be -50 points once you go to school. Instead of the usual "Don't talk to me. I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done", they will say "What you did is making you a bigger loser than before you know". Other NPCs (excluding Senpai) will refuse to talk to you as well, as if they saw you doing It in person.

Notable OCs with this persona are Hikari Mirai and Ariya Tsunematsu


Students with this persona react similarly to the delinquent persona to murder, corpses, weapons, and blood. However, instead of giving the player a smack across the face, they ready a weapon if possible, and will rapidity whack the player if the player attacks a student near them. These students will threaten the player if the player wields a weapon in their line of sight and block the attack when attacked. They also react to panty shots, bloody clothes, and insanity much quicker than other students, and tend to deal out harsher reputation penalties.


When a student with this persona witnesses murder they will stand still for 2 seconds, looking st the body, then run, and lock themselves in the nearest room. They will not call the police and will stay in the room for 10 min, after coming out they will not tell anyone, but the day after the murder a cut scene will start at 11:50 AM. While in class the student will start crying and shivering and the teacher will ask what is wrong with them. Then the student will cry harder and eventually say they saw a murder. The teacher will scold the student for not telling them, but then call the police. If the police find a bloody uniform, weapon, the player visibly insane, or a corpse then the player will get an Arrested game over. If they don't, then the police will leave and the day will continue on, and the student will not tell anyone about it.


Students with the Lolita persona are very childish and cowardly. They tend to like wearing dresses, covet childish things, speak as if they were much younger than they really are, carry dolls around everywhere, and adore sweets. Every Lolita is incapable of self-defense. If they find a corpse, they will grab their bag and run into a bathroom, lock themselves in the stall, cry, and whisper "Save me! I don't wanna die!" while cuddling with a doll. If they notice Yandere-chan, they will not give a reputation penalty as they are too afraid of her. If Yandere-chan points a camera, they will hide their face in a similar fashion to the Loners and Cowards, but they will hide their face with a porcelain doll, making it harder to take a picture of them. However, if Yandere-chan is in the Photography Club, Lolitas will strike a cute pose, similar to those with the Social Butterfly persona.

Notable OCs with the Lolita persona include Yuuka Ryobanshi and Yochina Kyandi.


Students with the Guardian persona only gain this persona after their death. When alive, they have the Loner persona. Students with this persona are ghosts that can only be seen when taking a picture of them. They follow a specific student in order to protect them. They can not be interacted with. If the player attempts to kill the student that they follow, the player will enter a fighting mini-game with the ghost, similar to a Heroic student. Their strength is always Weak. If you win, Yandere-chan will swipe her weapon through them, causing them to disappear. If they win, they will enter the player's body and she will collapse, causing a game over.

Notable OCs with the Guardian persona include Aisho Fukui.

Please ask Betapekoyama for permission to use this.


A student with the Gamer persona starts out as popular. Students with this persona are known to have YouTube accounts, and are extremely popular, being followed by their fans almost every day (The amount of fans range from 5-8). This makes a Gamer hard to kill without a witness or a defender. If the gamer witnesses murder, and manages to get out of school alive, the gamer will notify and warn everybody in the internet, telling them what happened and who tried to kill them. This will penalize the player with a huge drop of -50 reputation points. Their only time where they are not followed by any fans is during lunch-time, as it is known as the gamer student's private hours. If Yandere-chan points a camera at them, they will do a pose, be it a male or a female.

Notable OCs with this persona include Rijī Dowaiyā and Danierui Midoruto.

(( Please ask PrincessAire for permission before using this ))


A student with the Fan persona follows students with the Gamer persona, and would usually take selfies with the said Gamer. Fans will defend the person they are a fan of. If the player tries to kill the Gamer, the fans will go in front of the Gamer and sacrifice themselves. Other fans will then try to alert the teachers, and other fans will leave the campus. If they do manage to get out of school, the fans will start to become more vigilant, and if the gamer is killed, if they see Yandere-chan, they will avenge the Gamer for their death.

Notable OCs with this persona include Sera Kaidon and Haruna Koishite.

(( Please ask PrincessAire for permission before using this ))

Animal Lover/Rebel

A student with this persona likes animals and often skips school to hang out with pets/walk them. If they are not at school they go to town and you can see them walking/carrying their pet. They also refuse to wear uniforms as "humans are animals, not robots". The only known person with this persona is Kazumi Minsuko.


If a student with the Stealthy persona witnesses a murder, they will run off and find a secluded place to hide, on campus. It is hard to keep up with them, because every time they are found, they run off to find a new hiding spot. They will hide 4 times, before giving up.

((Ask AnonymousYaoiLlama to use this, or credit them))


When a student or faculty member with this persona witnesses murder, they will knock out the killer.

When a camera is pointed at a student or faculty member with this persona, they will simply ignore the camera.

An OC with this Persona is Mao.


If a student with this persona finds a corpse, they will spend a minute searching the corpse for things they can steal. After a minute of searching, they will run home and call the police. If they witness the actual murder, they will run and tell the nearest other person, then head home without calling the police. If a camera is pointed at a student with this persona, they will angrily push it away and spend a few minutes hiding in the nearest bathroom.

Secretly Gutless

This student’s reaction to murder depends upon the presence of others and reputation.

When witnessing murder on their own or their reputation is below -30, will run off to the nearest bathroom and hide in one of the stalls, if they’re left alone for long enough, they’ll think you’ve left and try to leave, prime time for the kill. If Yandere-chan opens their stall (You can tell it’s theirs because you can hear them breathing), they’ll panic and act upon the coward persona, begging Yandere-chan to spare their lives, where they can either be killed mid-run or if left alone, they’ll never tell a soul, but will refuse to talk to yandere-chan, outright changing their walking pattern to be around more people to avoid her.

When they witness a murder amongst others with a reputation above +10, they’ll attempt to subdue Yandere-chan. If they’re incapable of self-defense, they’ll go down rather easily, then the normal struggle rules apply for any other strengths. They act like the Hero persona around others, seemingly building up a facade of being a strong student to make others like them. Photo reactions go like this: -30 and below: Coward (Covers face). -20 to +20 reputation: Hero (Suspicious of Yandere-chan) +30 and above: Social butterfly (Strike a cute pose). ((No need to ask JustCyinical to use this persona, anyone is free to.))


A mix of a himedere and a yangire, a Satsudere is someone who comes off as innocent towards their love interest, but they also think that they can get whatever they want from whoever they want, whenever they want. The Satsudere often confronts complete strangers and asks them for whatever she wants. If the person doesn't give the Satsudere what she wants, she will proceed to murder them.

Notable OCs with this persona are: Amaidesu Akui

( Please ask IChibiSenpai before using this persona :3 )


This persona is based on atmosphere.

In a high atmosphere, this student seems to have the schedule and reactions of the average Coward. Somethings that defines this student from the average Coward on a high atmosphere is their pose and their sense of hearing. If a camera from a student not in the photography club is pointed at them, they're jump like a social butterfly and try to turn their head and close their eyes while one arm with a clenched fist is against the chest and the other hold onto that arm. A student who is tense has astute hearing and will hear a scream or laugh from further away then the average student. When atmospheres get lower, they start to shake in panic while walking, they're very cautious of sounds, able to hear a knife or other weapon dropping on the floor or the sound of Yandere chan running. When alone in a room, they'll begin to take glances behind them to make sure nobody's near them and they'll react more negatively to suspicious actions. A sudden scream will make the student jump, where instead of walking to the source, they'll run to it.

When they witness Murder, they'll back away and run to a closed off area like a janitor's closet, a locker or even a tranquilizing room and call the police, then proceed to hold onto their legs as they sit down, rocking back and forth in panic for roughly an hour, then sit up, walking back with the look of a Teacher's pet who had the body hidden from the teacher. If they're caught in their room, they'll let out a loud scream and beg Yandere chan to spare them. If they're spared, they'll act like a student who was kidnapped such as Musume, a terrified husk.

((No need to ask JustCyinical to use this persona, anyone is free to.))


A student who is Inquisitive will react to a camera by trying to get close to lens as they lift their eyebrow in curiosity. A student who is Inquisitive will naturally be inclined to check things out themselves then trusting the words of others. If they hear even a slight chuckle or scream in a close area, they'll try to find it. When told a bad rumor about a student, it's more likely for them to try to find out for themselves by asking the student themselves, but if they have a -100 reputation, they're likely to believe Ayano. These students will always follow Yandere-chan regardless of Friendship, but their trust must be gained for any other tasks.

When they witness Murder or see Yandere-chan holding a corpse, they'll run away and run out of the school to tell police. If they see a corpse by its own, they'll try to see if it has a pulse before calling any police. If there's any kind of evidence lying around, such as blood or a knife, they'll look at it and inspect. This can be used against them by killing a student with a weapon and gloves then leave the weapon near a Inquisitive student, them picking it up to investigate will leave their fingerprints on it.

((No need to ask JustCyinical to use this persona, anyone is free to.))


A student who is Doubtful has a harder time accepting an apology. They'll still be suspicious Yandere chan after she apologizes, and if they see Yandere-chan still bloody/insane/carrying a weapon, the reputation drop will not only be lower, but apologies from then on will bring up less reputation. A Doubtful student will still be suspicious of Yandere-chan taking photos no matter what, looking at them with a strict pose when they try to take a picture of them after joining Photography. If Yandere-chan keeps standing in front of a Doubtful student with their suspicious behavior or appearance, they'll run to a Teacher and tattle on you, gaining you a -10 reputation. Once the apology boost hits 0, they'll no longer accept any apology Yandere-chan says.

When a doubtful student's suspicious of Yandere-chan enough (Seeing her with bloody clothes or a weapon more then 3 times), they'll start to stalk her to see what she's up to. They'll trail closely behind Yandere-chan, but will try to run to cover if she turns around. Upon witnessing murder, they'll run to someplace crowded like the cafeteria, call the police then hide somewhere. If the police has already been called on her, they'll just run away and hide.

((No need to ask JustCyinical to use this persona, anyone is free to.))


Students with the performer persona will tend to have higher reputation and quick reflexes. They will react to murder by running aimlessly around school trying to go undetected and finally go to the roof to call the police. They react to a camera by looking at it and giving a light smile.


A prayerful will pray in a dark room (like the bathrooms for example.) when they witness murder. They will hide they're face if the camera is pointed on their face. They will ignore you if the player try's to talk to them if they see them murder someone.

((No needs to ask Pumpkinhero2 for permission to use this))


Occasionally, after seeing murder three or more times a day, a student will snap. Students may also snap when seeing a murderer in low atmosphere. So far, only 5 personas snap; Savior, Social Coward, Gamer, Animal Lover, and Heroic Coward. When a student snaps, a red line appears above them. The line breaks in half, and the student twitches. After a few seconds, they scream, and their Snap persona is triggered.


When a Savior snaps, he or she will run at the murderer like a Heroic student and apprehend them. Many Saviors are Very Strong. It is difficult, but surely not impossible, to kill them.

Social Coward

When a social coward snaps, they start to act like a mind slave, mindless, but will not do Yandere-chan's bidding. They may commit suicide if given a weapon, unless the rival is nearby, then they will warn the rival, before collapsing (dead from lack of care/fright)


A Gamer snaps when the gamer witnesses more than 4 murders in one day or a murder of their loved one (Notable between Zoeru Chāchiru and Rijī Dowaiyā). When a gamer snaps, the gamer will think of the lives of their fans or their loved one, and will try to apprehend the player for the sake of the fans or loved one. When Gamers snaps, they become strong, but not super strong that it's impossible to stop them.

Animal Lover

A Animal Lover snaps when they see one of their pets being killed.They will rip the weapon from Yandere-chan's hands and stab her with it like the mindslave. This ending is impossible to avoid as animal lovers re smarter than most.

Notable OCs with this persona include Yuina Sakuraba.

Heroic Coward

If a Heroic Coward loses the fight and you let them go, or if they beg for mercy and run, and then witness two more murders before getting out of the school, they will snap. If on the roof, they will jump off; if on the third floor, they will jump out a window; if near the chemistry lab, they will drink poison; if near a weapon, they will stab themselves; if none of these are available, they will beg the player to kill them. If you don't, they will not come to school the next day, and will be found dead in their home from suicide.

Party Animal

Party Animals are energetic and don't really care about homework. They love to host parties, and usually have a wacky appearance. When witnessing murder they will shout louder then others. When being pointed with the camera, they will do a cool pose.

((No needs to ask Pumpkinhero2 for permission to use this))


Bookworms love to read. They are incredibly smart. They love to read books and comics. Most students hangout in the library and would not love to leave. They will always talk about what books they have read. When pointing a camera at them they will make a suspicious look. When witnessing murder they will hide in the library.

((No needs to ask Pumpkinhero2 for permission to use this))

Loyal (Determinationstay Version)

The Loyal personality will make a heroic pose when trying to take a picture of them. If you commit murder in front of them, they will apprehend you with a strong self defense. If you talk to them after commiting murder, they will gossip about you a lot faster than a normal student. If you talk to them the tenth time, at this point, everyone will know what you have done. But if they see a corpse but not knowing that you commited murder, they will report it to their teacher.


Friendly students usually have two or more friends. It is also easy to befriend them. 

If a friendly student witnesses murder or finds a corpse, they will run to their friends to tell them about what they had seen and that they might be in danger. When a friendly student has allerted all of their friends, they will run from school together in a group and call the police once outside. 

If a camera is aimed at a friendly student's face, they will put on a small smile.

((No needs to ask CrabbyMeal for permission to use this))


Students with the Sacrificed persona will faint after seeing you commit murder.

After fainting, Akademi will start to get foggy and you will start to lose your sanity. The only way to end this effect is to kill the student or enter the Demon Void. Students with this persona will walk away if the player attempts to photograph them. Notable OCs with this persona are Poruta Gaisuto

No need to ask TheFunGame to use this persona~


Corrupt students usually have a shocked past that scarred them for life

If a Corrupt or Corrupted student witnesses murder then they'll start to murder just so nothing else shocks the rest of their past.If they see a blood stain then they will become a little more corrupted. These kind of students have a sanity or "Corrupt" meter in which makes them lose their sanity. The corrupt students also don't talk much and they block their face when a camera is being pointed at them.

You don't need to ask Raytaygirl to use this persona


A student with the mellow persona reacts to corpses by at first freaking out, but then calming down. They react to murder by trying to get away unnoticed, then the next day, asking the killer if they knew anything about the murder. They only scream at the sight of corpses and not murder. They will drop the killer's reputation harshly if left alive. They will only refuse to talk to the player if they were seen fleeing.They react to cameras by smiling and posing happily. However, in low atmosphere, they become dead serious. Notable OCs with this persona are: Ibuki Kamitsu


These students are usually quiet but are quite kind, and will either give a small smile or turn away when someone is attempting to take a picture of them. They do not scream when seeing a body and attempt to stay calm and either exit the school or tell a teacher (Depending on the student). If they witness a murder they will run away as fast as they can, Either exiting the school or finding a safe spot (Like a storage room or bathroom stall).


A student with the copycat persona will act differently according to the day, acting like one of the five chosen canon personas. Their actions are based on the persona they are pretending to be.



A student with the Macabre persona are creepy and usually have an deathlike aura surrounding them. If they witness a murder, they will call on the demon that is part of them and attempt to kill the murderer. In this state, they cannot be killed. If they do not succeed in killing you for five minutes (if you run away), they will give up an return to normal. They will not be scarred. After witnessing a murder, they will talk to you like normal, and you can befriend them, but they will not follow you and you cannot ask them to go away. If you point a camera at them, their eyes will start glowing and they will look annoyed; if you do this for too long, they will knock you over the head and put you into a coma. If you are in the photography club, their eyes will not glow for one minute, then they will begin the reaction above. Notable OCs with this persona are Uyeda Moto.



A student with the Malefactor personality acts a lot like a delinquent, but can be killed. If they witness murder, they will attempt to put you in a coma; however, if your physical education stat is at least level one, you can outrun them. If you manage to outrun them and get all evidence of a murder cleaned up, then run in front of a teacher so that they see them chasing you, the teacher will apprehend the character. The higher your physical stat, the easier it is to outrun them.



Withdrawn students look like cowards at first, but always hide their true personality. You don't know how they're going to react to murder, but it's the same every time. They can react like a Loner, Heroic, Teacher's Pet, Coward, Social Butterfly, Evil, Tsundere, Bossy, Sadistic, Vengeful, or Malefactor student. An OC is currently being made to match this personality.



Clever students use creative ways to evade the culprit if they witness murder. They might lock themselves in a room, hide in places like a file cabinet, climb the fence, or may fight by making weapons out of things around them.



Natural students love nature and look at it for refuge. When they witness murder, they will climb a tree to get away and then call the police. You can only follow them if your Physical Education stat is high enough.


Heroic Coward

Heroic Cowards seem like Cowards at first, using the same reaction to a camera. But, if they witness murder in front of 3 or more students, they will attempt to apprehend you. If there is two or less students, they will beg you to spare them and then run away. If you beat them in a struggle, they will grab your hand and scream at you apologies, begging for you to spare them. If you do so, they will never tell a soul, or you can just press F and kill them. If they do the coward reaction, they will never tell anyone for fear of you coming after them.

There's no need to ask Flower-kun to use this persona.


Introverts are people who enjoy being alone, however unlike loners, they also sometimes like being around friends too, as long as they can get some time away. On some days, introverts can be seen with their friends. On other days, they can be seen alone. If you hold a camera up to their face, they smile subtly. If they're with friends and they see you commit murder, they'll react like a social butterfly and run to safety. If they're alone and they see you commit murder, they'll hide under a bench or anything nearby and call the police, or take a video and show it to the Councilor. If you try to approach an introvert on a day that they're alone, they'll run away from you in an attempt to STAY alone.

An example of an OC with this persona is Etsuko Aki

Savior Gamer

Their reaction to murder depends on whether they are friends with the victim. If they are not, they will go home without doing anything, and will stalk you during the before-school and lunchtime periods of the next day.

If they are friends with the victim, they will try to save the victim, like a Savior, but instead of leaving, would push the victim away from the murderer, yell at the victim to run, and then pull out a gaming inspired weapon.

An example of a Savior Gamer is Aoi Hariku.


These students will have a randomly generated persona every day, and will act upon it. Fourtunately, the picked persona will show up on their profile (depending on the day, of course).


A randomly picked persona is chosen for these students, at the beginning of the new game file, and will stick to it from then on. However, the picked persona will not show up on their profile. It will just say "Predictable".

Easily Influenced

These students will act on the persona that most of the students, that they are around at the time, have. For an example, if the student witnesses murder in the occult club, they will act as a coward, or if they are in the Martial arts club, they will act as a hero. If they are by themself, they will act as a loner.


If the player murders someone next to a Distrcted student, they will have a 50% of chance of even noticing the murder. If they do notice, they will act like the heroic persona, but the battle against them is easier.



Student with this persona won't react to murder.

If a camera is pointed at their face, they won't react to it either.


If a student with this persona witnesses murder of a person they never talked to, they'll react to it just like an Evil persona would. But, if they witness a murder of a person they had some contact with (for example, their crush), they'll attack the murderer with a weapon they used and kill them.

If a camera is pointed at their face, they'll do a cool pose.


These students are delusional teens, most of them believe they have supernatural powers.

If the player murders someone next to them, they'll act like the heroic persona, except they won't attack you physically. Instead they'll peform random magic powers to try to stop you. Obviously, it won't making any effect, so killing them is an easy job.

If a camera is pointed at their face, they'll do a battle pose.


Conspiracy Theorist

A student with the Conspiracy Theorist persona is quite... odd to be around. If they witness the player murdering someone, they will take photos and run to the police station, claiming them to be a person possessed by an alien. They will not talk to you, their dialogue being " I-I-I know you're an alien! I'll prove it to everyone in the school!!" After a couple of days, they will start to talk to you again but they'll talk more about how they still don't trust the player. If they interact with people when they won't talk to player, their reputation will go down one at a time unless you kill them.

When the player points at their face, they will do a cute pose or they would stick their tongue out playfully.

If the player has murdered someone with them witnessing it, they will try to swat the camera out of the players hand and try to break it. After they're done, they will scream " ALIEN! " and run.

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