These are the various personas in Yandere Simulator. They are not to be confused with personalities. Personas categorize how students react to murders, corpses and cameras.

Please do not add fanon personas here. Fanon content goes here.


If a Loner witnesses a murder, they will run out of school to call the police, giving you five minutes to get rid of the evidence there was a murder. Loners are shy and will not allow you to take photographs of their faces

Teacher's Pet

If a Teacher's Pet discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, they will go find their favorite teacher and show her the body. If you move the body out of their sight, the teacher will believe it was a prank and will become angry with the witness. The witness will then carry on with his/her day traumatized. If the teacher finds the body, the witness will wait with the teacher for the police as she looks over it.

If the teacher's pet discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, but someone is already calling the police, they will go hide in their seats.

Social Butterfly

If a Social Butterfly witnesses a murder, s/he will go to a populated group and will call the police, if they see you come close to them after arriving to the populated area they will scream, making people look at the murderer and will make the murderers reputation go down. If the murderer continues to kill people in their sight they will mentally collapse and hug their legs.

If you try to take a photo of them, they'll happily pose for the picture.


If someone with an Heroic persona discovers a corpse, they will run to tell a teacher. If they witness murder, they'll chase you and try to restrain you. There is a small mini game after being chased down by the witness where you must press different buttons to avoid the attack. If you win, the other person dies. If you lose, you are restrained, causing a Game Over.

Heroic students will be suspicious of you if you take a photo of them.


If someone with an Evil persona discovers a corpse, they'll become fascinated with it and contemplate taking a closer look before running away from the school. If they witness murder, they will compliment you and run out of the school. They will not talk to the murderer the next day to avoid looking like an accomplice. Evil students won't call the police or lower your reputation if they witnessed you commiting murder.

If you try to take a photo of them, they give you an irritated look before hiding their face.


When a Coward student discovers a corpse, they'll run out of the school and call the police. They will be completely terrified when witnessing murder and will plead for mercy and promise to keep quiet as long as the murderer spares them, the next day they'll ask you to leave them alone. Coward witnesses won't call the police or lower your reputation.

Trying to take a photo of a coward student will result in them covering their face.


YandereDev has stated that all rivals may have a persona that causes them to run to Senpai and tell him what happened if you do a suspicious act or kill someone. This will give the player a game over.


This is the designated persona for Ayano Aishi and her mother. They will stop at nothing to be with their crush and will kill rivals for their lovers affection.


A student with this persona will not speak to Yandere-chan and push her away if she comes close, unless she has a low reputation. If they see Yandere-chan with a weapon, they will raise theirs and defend themselves when attacked, causing an instant game over. If they see Yandere-chan with a dead body, they will attack her and, again, cause an instant game over.


A sleuth student is cheery and playful, but can eliminate Yandere-chan in low school atmosphere by snapping a picture if Yandere-chan is witnessed killing someone and then sending the picture to the police. It is unknown how they will react to a photo being taken of them.


In spite of this persona not being in the game, YandereDev has stated that a student with this persona won't react to murder or corpses in any way.


Due to not being completed, a student with the tsundere persona will react to cameras by striking a cute pose. Presently, such students will glitch out if they witness murder or find a corpse. If shown a corpse they will stand there and not move but follow you around.


Students with the Scaredy-Cat persona will just look at you when trying to take a photo of them. They will put their hands up in defense after seeing murder, if witnessing you kill the day after, when you bring out a weapon, they put their hands up in defense.

Even though it's canon, Student-chan had this persona but it was removed and no-longer in the game.

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