He is kind and really anti violence he doesn't even kill bugs EVER he thinks all life is preacouse and he is a pacifist. he loves his family and he is found caring for animals often . he is also an undere but...he doesn't have a crush yet. He enjoys playing the guitar and loves being the center of attention he may do things just to get attention and to have all eyes on him. When their is no one staring at him he feels ignored and he hates it. He isn't perverted but he doesn't mind perversion...that's it


He went with his parents to a trip to japan when he was 7 he acedently started a fire that killed both of his parents so then the orphanage took him in while their a girl...well she took away his innocence so to speek but he didn't know what she was doing to him...later on she was arrested. then when he was 9 he was adopted by Hachimitsu Dezāto & Shābetto Dezato. and here he is :D

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