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She is quite LEWD and she always pursues her siblings And frequently shows lust for them (Much to their dismay) She pounces on them frequently and constantly yells FUCK ME ONII-CHAN to them Or FUCK ME ONEE-CHAn unless it's oishi in wich she is liek "Onee-CHAN "PLAY" WITH ME." she is a clutz and almost always breacks pans and shit while cooking, She is probably the most useless piece of crap in the family...She almost always fails in everything she does. She is very fragile and she tries her best even though she fumbles all the time , her other siblings are protective of her due to her being bullied all the time. she is a....dorodere so she's a tiny sociopath heheheheheheh anyways she tries not to let anyone know this :D she worships all her siblings like gods :D


She is the most Fragile dezato (I can't think of a good one)




Casual wear


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