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Otoko Oniku
Alias Mr. Manly
General Information
Race Human
Sex Male
Pronouns He/Him
Age 18
Sexuality Gay
Scholar Information
Persona Heroic
Reputation (-)80
Club Sports Club
Crush Any 16 year old.

Shota Shounen

Enemies Any girl
Status Alive

Otoko Oniku is an OC made by Third-Impact-is-Coming.

NOTE: This image is a placeholder and will be replaced by a real portrait soon.


Otoko has blue hair and steely pink eyes. His most notable feature is the incredibly long triangular chin protruding from his face. It is long enough to scrape his rock hard abs. He has broad shoulders and a very muscular body, the envy of football players everywhere. He has large hands as well, about the size of a head. Other students estimate that he has a 20 pack, but he has so many ribs, no one truly knows.


Otoko is a major creep. He loves to sneak into boys' locker rooms to take a peek and worst of all - pet other students with his large hands. He can read hardcore bara in the middle of class without even flinching. He will proudly show off his abs and biceps.

If Otoko witnesses murder, he will run and fight the murderer. He fights back strongly, so it is difficult to defeat him. If he wins the minigame, he will stab the player with his long chin.

He has a very loud voice and could be considered a "jock".


Otoko walks into school 20th in line. Since he is an average student, his routine for now will remain as WIP. After school, he will proudly show everyone his chest.


In order to become his friend, the player has to suggest him some yaoi. The more graphic the better. Saying Okane Ga Nai will make him instantly spawn a fedora and some pixelated shades. He will then say "Been there, done that," and he cannot be interacted with until the next day.


Shota Shounen

No one knows the relation between Shota and Otoko. Is he Shota's brother? Friend? Father? Guardian? Either way, Otoko tries to spend as much time as possible with Shota.

16 year olds

Being Otoko Oniku, he likes to follow 16 year olds, as he finds them cute and "shotalicious". He loves patting their heads with his massive hands.

Budo Masuta

Otoko frequently watches Budo. Creep.

Uzai Yarou

Otoko is rivals with Uzai. They frequently argue.


  • He once tried to audition for a role in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but was released for not being "manly" enough. To this day, Otoko tries to be the most testosterone fuled man there is.
  • When translated, Otoko Oniku means..."Man Meat".
  • This is TIIC's third OC and the first joke OC. He was inspired by Kanou from Okane Ga Nai.


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