Otaku Pinku
Otaku Pinku
Biological Gender

Female Female


Bisexual Bisexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High






None, though always has an eye out

Okaku Pinku is an OC character made by Telts23.


Otaku is shy and nervous. She always needs to have a friend by her side. She usually hangs out around Midori, who's always there to listen and question the smartest girl in school. While other students despise Midori, Otaku is very patient and helpful, so she is always either giving her outside-school lessons or answering Midori-chan's dumb questions.

She is very romantic and hoping to find some high school love soon. However, most people at Akademi High ignore her and some don't even know she exists.

Otaku is a Teacher's Pet and she really is a teacher's pet. She respects teachers and always obeys them.


Okatu walks onto school grounds at 7:05. She reaches her locker at 7:10 and starts walking up to the rooftop to talk to Midori. She walks into classroom 2-2 at 8:00 and sits down. She will walk up to the rooftop again at 1:00. Okatu walks to class again at 1:30. At 3:30, she walks into the Gaming Club and stays there until the end of the day.


  • Her name is a play on words. Otaku means nerd and Pinku means pink.
  • Her favourite colour is pink.
  • Her favourite food is steak and her favourite dessert is raspberry pie.
Otaku Pinku

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