This is a WIP! Please do not edit this unless you're JaneNoLongerCares/JaneIsDerpish! Also, read the whole thing. Seriously, please.

Orokana Orenji
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 10
Club Sports
Age 17
Persona Heroic
Crush N/A
Additional Info Oh dear.

Important Info

Orokana is a student in Akademi High. Please note that if I use the images from my dA, those are not CANON Akademi Students, these are fanon. Enjoy.


Orokana is your typical childish, confident sore loser. Her name literally means "silly orange" which reflects on how she often gets stuck in silly situations because of her silly actions. Her strength number is 2.


Orokana wears the long-sleeved uniform. Often gets spares from her friend Redi.


Currently none. Creating characters.

RP times;

I would much prefer it if you asked me on dA (JaneNoLongerCares, you might recognize me if you've known me through older accounts) or Weasyl (Takes longer to respond). If you really have no other ways, contact me. P.S. No, I will NOT use Skype, in case you ask.



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