Ono Eari
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +25
Club Occult (Currently)

Martial Arts (Formerly)

Age 18 and a half
Persona A bit insane
Crush None
Strength 3
Emoticon ?
Additional Info Tries to protect her younger sister at all costs.

Ono Eari is the OC of MercifulCheese. She is Tamanaha Eari's older sister.


Ono wears a jacket with some black trousers. She wears dark brown boots and has long green hair. She will wear the school uniform but wont wear it without her bow tie.


She is a bit insane, and has the Evil persona. She doesn't like Undertale, in fact she hates it. She will harm anyone who gets on her nerves to a certain point.


She was a normal kid in another part of Japan but they had to move for a reason not said to Tamanaha, but the reason was because Ono had Harmed someone. She tried to protect Tam in primary school, but failed. She lives a normal life now.




  • Has only harmed one person.
  • Sane when around Tam.
  • Her favourite anime is Future Diary.
  • She is 18 years old.
  • She is straight.