On "Onna-chan" Na is an OC by the wiki user SenpaiX.

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On Na
Name On Na
Romaji Sound if "On Na", Woman or Female if "Onna".
Class 2-1
Sexuality Heterosexual
Crush(s) None
Club(s) Martial Arts, Vocaloid fanclub.
Persona Heroic
Weight 45 KG
Height 170 cm
Astrological Sign Virgo
Birthday September 1
Owner SenpaiX


She has orange, long bright hair with 2 red bows and orange eyes. Usually wears glasses when reading. Prefers to wear uniform 5# to school most of the time. She is 170 cm tall and wears brown shoes.


She lived in an unknown island near Japan till she was 7. She had to leave because of a sudden eruption of a volcano. It took three weeks to arrive to Japan with storms and rain, which led to her mother drowning in the third week. After 9 years of living in Buraza Town, She attended Akademi High School. She managed to make some friendships in her first year, But not so much.


She has the kind personality. She will try to help others but will most likely fail, this doesn't get in her way though. If she witnesses a murder, she will try to reason with the murderer and then run after. She enjoys company rather than staying alone. She is a bit of a coward. She is an extrovert. She can be a bit bossy sometimes,but not often. Teachers are most of people she trusts and rely on.


"Oh no.. It can't be happening..!" When witnessing a murder, before running to fight the killer.

"Uh.. I assume it is painting on your clothes??" When seeing someone bloody.

"You'd better go to the nurse as soon as possible." When seeing someone insane.

"May you give me some time to think about it?" When someone she doesn't like much confesses to her.

"Well, You are not the only who has these feelings!" When someone she does love confesses to her.

"Thanks, It's kindness of you to say this!" When getting complemented.

"I guess you are having a good day.." When getting complemented more than two times. She won't reduce reputation.

"Y-you pervert! Stop!" When seeing somebody is getting a panty shot of the other.

"Delete that now you lewd freak!" When someone is getting a panty shot of her.

"Didn't expect someone here to be that evil!" When someone pours water on her from the rooftop.

"I-I shall tell a teacher before people think I did something!" When someone pours blood on her from the rooftop.

"I see what you are trying to do, pervert!" When someone is taking a nude shot of her. She will throw the camera in water.



Fumio Hisuke : Are good friends.

Sota Yuki : Hates his hairstyle and said it to him about it once but he ignored.'

Hana Miya : They are good friends. On is most likely to socialize with her at some free times.

Kyoko Makoto : They're good friends.

Feel free to comment if you wanna add a realtionship ^^'










  • She is trypophobic.
  • Her favorite anime is Mirai Nikki.
  • Her favorite manga is corpse party.
  • She dislikes seafood.
  • She is the founder of the Vocaloid fanclub in Akademi.


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