Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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WIP, will revamp someday, and by someday I mean when I get killed to death and I'm not so tired


Omi has very long naturally dark red, but dyed lilac hair that is tied up into two long twin-tails with buns at the top with purple bows holding them up. She also has purple eyes that are usually filled with curiosity and cheeriness. She is very short for her age, standing at 4'10" and weighs an average weight for that height, weighing 90 lbs.

In-game, Omi wears the default female uniform with striped purple knee-length stockings. She also dons a pair of purple and black headphones. Outside of school, she enjoys wearing loose, baggy clothing, such as sweaters and she also enjoys wearing skirts.


Omi is usually bright, energetic and cheery, seemingly never being able to be down. She commonly goes around the school trying to cheer up and befriend anyone and everyone she can and she tries to help out in whatever way she can.






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  • Omi's name was originally Ongaku Obarodo, which was "Music Overload" Google Translated.
  • She is almost always seen with her headphones on.
    • Her music is also very loud, almost at full blast, making most wonder how she isn't deaf.