Okubyo Mono, or Oku/Oku-chan, is Aazei's first OC. She is currently a WIP.


Oku has spiky, messy, thick, black-brown hair that reaches down to just below her shoulders. She has black-brown eyes, exactly the same color as her hair. Her face has a shadow on it most of the time, due to Oku's fringe. Her eyes have barely noticeable shadows around them, because of lack of sleep. Her bust size is 0.5. She wears the default uniform unless cuztimized.


Oku isn't brave, in any sort of form. She hates taking risks, even for her sisters, and is scared of almost everything. The reason for this is because when she was little some traumatic happened to her, but nobody knows what. But she is very kind, and loves making friends, even though she is scared that nobody would want to be friends with her.




For gallery please see Okubyo Mono/Gallery.


  • Oku's name is a play on words. 'Coward' in Japanese is 'Okubyomono'.
  • Her portraits, which can be seen on Okubyo Mono/Gallery, and in the infobox, were made by Antoninko.

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