Neko's version of Oka Ruto.


Oka has messy dark purple hair, and light purple eyes with a shadow covering half her face. She wears the default uniform unless customized. She wears a black choker even if the Occult Club isn't active.


Oka is a coward and is scared of so many things, but not demoms, ghosts or anything like that. She's obsessed with paranormal things. She likes being alone or with her fellow occult club members.


Oka was born in winter and never spent much time with her family. She started to be obsessed with paranormal things. Then, in an effort to become closer to her daughter, Oka's mom told her about the Occult Club she created, that was only active for one month. Oka promised she would restart it and on her second year at Akademi she started the Occult Club.

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