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Oka Ruto
Student 26 October 16th
Student Info
Career Student

Club Leader

Reputation Unknown
Club Occult
Age 18
Persona Coward
Crush Senpai
Additional Info Founder and President of the Occult Club.

Seems to have absolutely no interest in anything that is not paranormal.

Stalks the Basu sisters daily in a futile search for evidence that they are supernatural beings.


'Oka Ruto' is the fourth rival of Yandere Simulator and is the president of the Occult Club.


Oka has messy dark blue hair. Her eyes are light purple. There is a shadow on the top half of her face. She wears the default uniform, unless customized, with spider web stockings and arm warmers along with black panties, and a spider choker.


Oka is a Coward. If a camera is pointed at her, she will hide her face. If she witnesses murder, she will beg the player to spare her in exchange for her silence. If she is spared, she will run home, but will not call the police.


...s-she's...p-probably...a s-special vampire...w-who can survive in the sunlight...t-this requires...f...f-further research...
— Hypothetical dialogue if Yandere-chan told Oka that Inkyu Basu can be spotted in sunlight.[14]
...y-you...actually...want to join...?...
— Asking to join the club.
...this is wonderful news...perhaps the world isn't such a dark and lonely place, after're an official member now...
— Joining the club.
...y-you're not...going to leave us...are you...?...
— Asking to leave the club.
...well...that's to be expected...I mean, who would want to be in this club, anyway....
— Leaving the club.
...oh...that's a relief...
— Deciding against leaving the club.
...we are devoted to the research of supernatural and paranormal phenomena...witches, ghosts, vampires, demons, aliens, psychics, and time-travelers are all welcome here. Anyone who joins our club will develop a resistance to horrific and terrifying things...or succumb to them...he he he...
— When asking Oka about on information of her club. can't two clubs at once...I'm sorry...
— Trying to join the Occult Club after joining another.
...the moon is not in position yet...come back between 5:00 and 5:30...
— Trying to participate in club activities too early.
...we're going to attempt to summon a demon again... will you help us...?...
— Asking to participate in Club Activities.
...excellent...I hope it works this time...
— Participating in Club Activities.
...oh...well...We can wait...but no later than 5:30...
— Deciding not to participate in club activities.
...I'm sorry...the moon is no longer in position...the ritual can only be performed between 5:00 and 5:30...
— Trying to participate in club activities too late. can't be here...your aura is too will attract evil spirits...I'm sorry...please leave...
— Talking to Oka after she has witnessed the player murder.
...I'm of our members believes that you may be possessed by a demon...I can't allow you to join this club...please don't hurt me, demon...
— Talking to Oka after an Occult Club Member has seen the player kill.'m can't be a member of this club're too scary...huh, that's ironic...being kicked out of a club about scary things...for being too scary...
— Talking to Oka after an Occult Member has seen the player kill someone while you're a member of the club. you already left this club once before... I... don't want to let you back in... you might just leave again... and it hurts when people leave... I don't want to be hurt again...
— Asking to join the club again after leaving the club.
..we're about to summon a demon...would you like to join us...?......I can't stop thinking about that boy...I think he cast a hex on me...
— Oka in "Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video" [26]
... I've been expecting you... you're here to kill me, right? ... I knew this day would come... but... just so you know... I won't go down without a fight."
— Oka in the introduction cutscene of Yanderetale


Taro Yamada

She has a crush on him.


Yandere-chan and Oka are rivals in the game.

Sakyu Basu and Inkyu Basu

Oka stalks the two in the morning, as she is certain that the two are of the supernatural kind. However, if they are dead or "missing", she will stand in the Occult Club instead. Though she has no proof, she believes that Sakyu is a succubus, and Inkyu is a vampire.


In the future, the player will be able to matchmake Oka with her suitor.


  • Oka Ruto is a pun on the Japanese word for Occult, referencing that she is from the Occult Club.
  • Oka is described by YandereDev as a mix between the Hex Maniac from Pokémon X & Y, Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote.
  • YandereDev finds Oka's appearance to be 'cute'.


Oka Ruto/Gallery

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