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Otsune Chisu (Also known as, Odessa Casella, outside of the Yandere Simulator universe) is a multi-fandom OC made by Kamiko.


Otsune has straight neck length dark red hair. Just like their sisters, they have blue eyes. Otsune has a fair skin tone. Since they prefer to wear the male uniform, they wear a chest binder to hide their breasts. Otsune also has black rimmed glasses. Since they're in the Gaming club, they also wear a D-pad hair clip. 


Otsune looks the same however they wear the 3rd years male uniform.


Otsuneis a bit arrogant and they can unintentionally act like a jerk to some people(which is the reason why their reputations is a bit low..), mostly because they don't really pay attention to how others feel sometimes. They also don't have many friends, and they almost spend every bit of their free time playing video games(except if their friends want to chat with them), so they don't have much experience with empathizing and talking to others. Despite being a bit rude to others, they do care about others, and will try their best to show..well.. a bit of sympathy when someone is having a hard time. Otsune is very expressive and will not hesitate to tell the world what's on their mind. If Otsune is unable to play or if their separated from video games for a long time, they can throw a temper that would last from a minute to a month depending on the event. Otsune despises dresses and skirts, which is why they perfer to wear the male uniform. Similar to their sister, Chiyo, they'll feel embarrassed when they have to rely on anyone to help them or do things for them. They prefer to hang out with male students rather than female students as they relate to most males more. Otsune also has a bad habit of cussing, which gets them in trouble sometimes by staff, however, they mostly do it when playing video games. They also have very little knowledge about dating and it will take a lot of time for them to fall for anyone, plus the person will have to be very close to them in order for it to actually work out.


Not many student's know Otsune is biologically a female. Only they're closest friends and some people that have a full understanding of the difference between female and male anatomy know this. If the player splashes Otsune with water, blood, or gasoline and follows them to the girls shower room(They will only go inside if there's no one currently in there, so the player must time it well) and takes a picture of them undressing without them noticing. Their student information box will have more information added to it. This is also a perfect opportunity to snitch on them by telling the counselor about Otsune wearing the wrong uniform. If the player does that Otsune will come to school wearing a female uniform(and also a very irritated expression). If the player gets caught by Otsune, they wont get a reputation penalty, Otsune will only beg the player to not tell anyone, this is also a perfect chance to blackmail them. If the player tells the counselor about Otsune's clothing, even if they do get caught, Oysunewill refuse to talk to the player as they now dislike them. To earn back their respect, the player might have to do a lot of favors for them.

Reaction to Suspicious Actions

Bloody Clothing- Otsune wouldn't even think about bringing it up because they has no idea what the stain is(High+without any murders happening). Tell you about it.(If there was a murder) Take a picture and send it to the police(Med-low)

Suspicious Weapons- Otsune will question you(High atmosphere) Take a picture(Med-Low atmosphere)

Evil Laughing- Otsune would get creeped out and gossip about you.

Medium or Low Sanity- Otsune will question you.(High-Med atmosphere) Take a picture and send it to the police(Low atmosphere)

Blood on Ground- Tell friends(High-Med Atmosphere) Take a picture of it and send it to the police(Low Atmosphere).

Reaction to Murder 

Otsune will react upon the Sleuth persona. Their not very strong, being that their self defense status is weak.

Since Otsune has their phone almost out all the time, mostly used for playing video games. It's pretty easy for them to take pictures of suspicious behavior and send it to the police.

Acquaintances- React upon the Sleuth persona.

Friends- Try to apprehend you.

Sister- Try to apprehend you.

Enemies- React upon the Sleuth persona. 


  1. Enter School and change shoes
  2. Chat with their friends or head to the Gaming Club to play video games.
  3. Head to class 3-2 and stay there until Lunch
  4. Chat with their friends or head to the Gaming Club to play video games.
  5. Head to class 3-2 and stay there until school is over
  6. Participates in club activity
  7. Changes Shoes
  8. Go home


Seishirō Morita- Friends. Otsune doesn't seem to enjoy hearing his loud music, mostly because they're trying to concentrate on they're video games. They're on good terms though.

Zakku Wakiya- Friends and classmates. They both known each other since there first year in Akademi. They started to hang out on their late 2nd year. They sometimes play video games together(and Otsune mostly beats him, because Otsune's way more experienced than him), and they're really close friends. Otsune's unaware about his crush on them.

Chiyo Chishu- Their younger sister, Otsune seems to have a pretty stable relationship with her and they doesn't seem to annoy Chiyo a lot(however she does tease her for being a tsundere). Because they go to the same school, they talk to each other much more than their other sisters. Otsune cares for her and tries their best to calm her down if Chiyo gets mad. Out of their sisters, Chiyo is the one they're closest to.

Mia Casella- Their younger sister, Otsune doesn't seem to talk to her a lot because Otsune is too busy playing video games. Otsune is willing to take a break from their video games to have a chat with her, but, because Mia's too worried that Otsune will get mad at her for interrupting their video game time, they rarely speak.


  • Otsune doesn't care about people insulting them..well...unless if the insults had to do with video games or their friends..then Otsune's gonna get really pissed.
  • They love to talk about their game waifu(from some game that Kamiko made up), and expresses how much they love her by buying some lewd body pillow of it and reading so much waifu x reader stuff.
  • Otsune is the oldest sibling of the Chishu family, being before Chiyo Casella, Mia Casella, and Sue Casella(Sue doesn't have a page yet..)
  • Otsune is also the only Chishu sibling with pink hair.
  • Otsune will refer to themself as "Odell" when at school.
  • Otsune's favorite color is purple.
  • Otsune used to be a staff in Kamiko's fanon, but they're now a 3rd year student.
  • Otsune's page named was changed 4 times. It was first called Odessa Akiyama, then Odessa Witherfield, then changed back to Odessa Akiyama, Odessa Casella, and now Otsune Chushu in order to fit in with the Yandere Simulator universe.


The Old as Hell Gallery

For older pictures of herself and others

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