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Oie transparent (36) This OC is owned by An Anime Schoolgirl. Please ask Kamiko if you want to use the OC. Or else she'll go hunt you down.. Oie transparent (37)

Odessa Casella is Kamiko's 3rd Yandere Simulator OC


Odessa has straight salmon-pink color hair with a blue strand on the left side of her hair. She wears her hair in a ponytail held by black ribbon. Just like her sister Chiyo Casella she has Heterochromia. Her left eye is red and her right eye is light grey. Odessa has a pale skin tone. She has a freckle on the bottom right side of her mouth. Despite her biological gender being female, she wears the male uniform as she prefers to wear male clothing. To avoid being caught by school regulations, Odessa tucks her long hair into her uniform and she wears a breast binder to hide her breasts. Odessa also has black glasses. Since she's in the Gaming club, she will wear a D-pad hair clip. 


Odessa looks the same however she would wear the 3rd years male uniform.


Odessa is known to be very geeky, and asocial(unless she's with her friends). Her hobbies are known to be gaming and writing stories. Odessa usually acts emotionless towards others(unless something extreme happens), however she seems to be more cheerful when she's with her friends. Odessa usually tries to maintain a calm or neutral emotion when she's talking with other people. She also shows a big obsession to video games. She will go fan girl crazy if someone mentions a certain video game in front of her. If something happens to one of her games or consoles she can throw a temper that would last from a minute to a month depending on what happens and what object has gotten affected. She shows a huge dislike to wearing skirts or dresses. She would most likely wear a suit or a tuxedo if she had to wear something formal.

Reaction to Suspicious Actions

Bloody Clothing- Odessa wouldn't even think about bringing it up because she has no idea what the stain is(High). Call the police(Med-low)

Suspicious Weapons- Odessa will question you(High atmosphere) Run away(Med-Low atmosphere)

Evil Laughing- Odessa would get creeped out and avoid you.(High-Med) Call the police(Low)

Medium or Low Sanity- Odessa will question you.(High-Med atmosphere) Call the police(Low atmosphere)

Blood on Ground- Tell a teacher

Reaction to Murder 

Odessa will react upon the Unstable/Damsel persona.

When Odessa reacts upon the damsel persona she'll run and tell Zack Witherfield about what she found/witnessed.

Acquaintances- React upon the Damsel persona.

Friends- React upon the heroic persona.

Sister- Snap and attempt to kill you.

Crush- React upon the heroic persona.

Enemies- React upon the Damsel persona. 


  1. Enter School and change shoes
  2. Chat with her friends or heads to the Gaming Club to play video games.
  3. Head to class 3-1 and stay there until Lunch
  4. Chat with her friends or heads to the Gaming Club to play video games.
  5. Head to class 3-1 and stay there until school is over
  6. Participates in club activity
  7. Changes Shoes
  8. Go home


Chiyo Casella- Her younger sister, Odessa seems to have a pretty stable relationship with her and she doesn't seem to annoy Chiyo a lot(however she does tease her for being a tsundere). Odessa cares for her and hopes that Chiyo wouldn't become some enraged criminal when she gets older.

Steven Blackwind- Odessa get's irritated with his childish side sometimes. She doesn't seem to enjoy hearing his loud music either(mostly because she's busy playing video games) However she considers him to be a good friend.

Zack Witherfield- They both known each other since there first year in Akademi. They haven't started to hang out until their late 2nd year. They play video games together sometimes and they're friends. She has a crush on him and she's planning to confess to him on Week 8-Wednesday. Odessa is unaware that he likes her back.


  • Odessa's favorite color is purple.
  • Odessa doesn't seem to enjoy certain fandoms
  • Odessa was created after Chiyo, but Odessa is still older.
  • Odessa was originally not going to be created during the creation of Chiyo Akiyama because Kamiko originally thought Chiyo should be an only child.
  • Even though Odessa's hair is pink, Odessa hates pink.
  • Despite her hair being pink and hating pink she wouldn't dye it because she heard some people say that dying your hair could damage your hair.
  • Odessa's favorite color is any type of purple.
  • There used to be a joke OC based off of her. (Odesie Bewbiyama) However Kamiko thought it would be offensive to certain people so she decided to remove her.
  • When Kamiko made Odessa she was going to be a joke OC who's acts like a "kawaii" tsundere pink haired, big boobed anime girl. However, despite her current appearance she's not a joke OC.
  • Odessa used to be staff in Kamiko's fanon, but she is now a 3nd year student.
  • Odessa's page named was changed 4 times. It was first called Odessa Akiyama, then Odessa Witherfield, then changed back to Odessa Akiyama, and now Odessa Casella as it's her new official last name.


Outdated Gallery

For older pictures of herself and others

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