Ocha Potto is a student at Akademi High School. 

Ocha Potto
Ocha Potto
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +65
Club Cooking
Age Around 17
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush  ?????
Additional Info Even tought she is an annoying crybaby,the most of the boys are seemingly adore her.
Ocha Potto


Ocha has hazel hair bun and hazel eyes.She wears a standard student uniform.


Ocha is a Teacher's Pet, which means if she witnesses murder,she will run and tell it to her favourite teacher. Ocha is also a crybaby,who is very kind-hearted but also very naive and can be annoying sometimes. She is obsessed with cooking since she was a child.


  • The japanese word 'Ochapotto' means teapot in english language.
  • She wants to become the cooking club president one day.
  • When blood is poured on her,instead of changing clothes, she runs and tells it to her teacher.
  • She has a collection of buttons.
  • She has a really strong relationship with her grandmother.
  • Her favourite animals are bears.
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • Her sexuality is bisexual.
  • Her class is 2-2.

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