Clan Nopity is a clan ruled by sentient panda Nopity Clan Nopity was a recently made clan but with a deep history of its members.


Nopity was once a normal panda scouring the land of China when he came across a strange pool of water and after drinking it gained human intelligence. However, it cursed him with a monthly period. It also gave him the lifespan of a human. He named himself after discovering iPads in a Chinese City and seeing a ton of memes.

Nopity began learning how to speak Chinese until he accidently boarded a plane to Hong Kong and then instead learnt English with a Chinese-Panda accent. When he had spent 5 years as a sentient panda the RSPCA found him and started teaching him maths and english punctuation!

As he grew to be 10 years old as a sentient panda he was considered smart enough and left to find a job but with the might of the RSPCA for his health. He found a temporary job as a McDonalds server but found he got overpaid due to the humongous tips given to him. Later he purchased an iPad Air with a discount.

After a month Nopity found the Yandere Simulator Wikia and the Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia and started becoming obsessed with the latter. He took a basic self-taught course in Japanese and learnt some basics. After a little while of 6 months Nopity created Troop Nopity as pandas cannot breed with humans.

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