Noir Heart
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Good
Club Occult
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Cho Shizen
Additional Info None

Noir Heart is a 16-year-old member of the occult club. He's attending to Akademi High School. He's an OC to the popular unfinished game, Yandere Simulator.


Yuuya was a successful young Japanese man who travelled to America in order to boost his career. He met a beautiful woman there called Megan Heart. They soon get married. Megan gave birth to two boys and they lived a happy life together.

Or at least, it seemed like that.

When they met, Yuuya was the sweetest person you can imagine. Maybe a bit too sweet. But soon he showed his real colours. He was actually violent and clingy. He kept his wife as a hostage and as soon as she broke one of his rules, he beat her up pretty badly. But he was always nice to his kids and he made sure they know nothing about his true nature.

One day, he discovered Megan's diary. Her words burnt into his brain. Hate, escape, disappear, taking the children with her. That night he brutally murdered her. Unfortunately, Noir witnessed the murder. Yuuya attempted to finish him off too what led to his death.

In the sudden state of panic Noir commited the first murder of his life - he shot him.

The incident deeply shook the boy. He had a mental breakdown after that. The yet seemingly so perfect life fell apart and he was left behind by his seariously ill older brother, Tanaka. He had to stay strong since he had to take care of him. Or at least, he felt so.

3 months later Tanaka died. Exactly on Noir's 14th birthday after he bought him a kitten. They named her Mira.

He had to move to her aunt, Rebecca, who was the sister of his mother, and her son, Marco, who was just a bit older than Noir himself.

After the death of his brother Noir broke. That was more than he could take. He locked himself up into his room, refused to talk for months, and hardly ate or drank anything. Nowdays he's more or less over the things that happened.

He hates his father very much and blames him for everything bad that happened to him. Since his father choose his name (what was originally Fujisaki Yasahiro) he changed it.


Noir is small, thin and girly. He has black hair with red bangs which slightly covers his right eye. His eyes are red as well, his skin is snow white.

In his free time he usually wears a way too big grey sweater, short shorts, striped stockings and red Converse shoes. At school he wears the default male uniform.


Most of the time Noir is quiet and shy. He can be mean as well but it's hard to get that side of his.

He can get scared very easily. He hates horror movies and will be sick and/or faint at the sight or scent of blood when his sanity is at a normal level. But when he goes insane, nearly nothing can stop him.

Since you probably have played with Yandere Sim, you know what will happen, when a rival crosses paths with him.

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