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Nikki Mirai is an OC by MLPFan~Chan. To use It, you must ask permission from her(including on making fanart or recoloring)


Nikki has cobalt blue hair, like Mei Mio's but somewhat darker. She also has blue eyes with the same color. Nikki's height is the same as Yandere Chan's and she has a normal weight. Nikki wears the default uniform, unless customized. She also wears long white socks.


Nikki is a social butterfly. She will pose happily If the player takes a picture of her. However, due to her being somewhat violent, If she witnesses murder she will act like an evil student. She's a yangire instead of a yandere. So If she sees you killing her sister or her crush(Her crush is currently unknown, so this reaction will only affect to her sister at the moment), She will get the nearest weapon, run to the player and try to "avenge her sister"(by killing you). She is usually sweet,considerate, yet clumsy. But is usually careless if a student aside her sister is missing or is murdered


She is a daughter of the wealthy Mirai family. Her father is the CEO of a very successful company and her mother is a very famous actress. Because of this, she lives in a very large mansion with her family. However, since her parents usually got home late night, she's usually with her sister and her maid. Since her sister is still at England and would return to Japan three more weeks(If you're in week 1), she's usually alone(even that her family's maid accompanies her)


Hikari Mirai:Hikari is Nikki's twin sister and they are very close to each other since they were kids. However, Hikari is usually harsh to Nikki and discourages Nikki for her clumsiness. Despite of this, Nikki is willing to protect her sister and would avenge her If Hikari was murdered and she knew who did It/saw It herself.

Parents:Since her parents are usually busy, neither of Hikari or Nikki get to spend time with their parents aside on Summer/Winter/Spring breaks or weekends.

Yandere Chan:Unlike her sister, being friends with Nikki would be easier. However, If the player ever tries to harm her sister and manage to get away with It/heard "rumours" of Yandere Chan killing Hikari, Nikki will never forgive you and will try to kill you. If she sees you doing shady things, she won't seem to care at all.

Koharu Hinata:Koharu and Nikki are friends, however Koharu dislikes Hikari, even that Koharu hasn't met Hikari in person

Kokona Haruka:Nikki seems very friendly to Kokona. Nikki also heard about Kokona's family being loan shark victims and seems to consider donating some money to Kokona's family to help them pay their debts.

Musume Ronshaku:Finds Musume as a very annoying person


A helping hand:This task can only be offered after school on Monday. Today is Nikki's turn to clean the classroom after school. But she needs some help. Help her clean the classroom by mopping the floor while she wipes the windows. She will become your friend once you finished mopping.


  • Nikki's name is a joke on the infamous anime Mirai Nikki
  • Despite of that fact, Instead of a yandere, she is a yangire instead.
  • She watches a lot of violent animes. And thought of using such ways to protect her loved ones.
  • Even there's actually nothing right about that.
  • MLPFan~Chan has thought of writing a drama-slice of life fanfic for Yandere Simulator. So Nikki and Hikari might be In It. In fact the purpose of creating Nikki and Hikari is probably as fanfic characters.

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