This OC belongs to Cyrax Boiiii. Please ask for permission before using!! (Portrait by CrabbyMeal :>)


Nikkō is a very energetic, happy girl. She can never really sit still for more than 5 seconds, and always speaks loudly. She really enjoys playing baseball, and always gets very excited about various things. Even if something bad happens, she will keep smiling.


Nikkō wears the normal uniform, but with shorts and a yellow bow. She has long, wavy blue hair, tied up in a ponytail and magenta eyes. She's lightly tanned, and is tall and skinny.


"Thank you, (student)-san!! Hahaha!!" -When complimented

"Thanks even though you just said that!!" -When complimented too much

"Hahaha!! You can't take a picture of my underwear! I'm wearing shorts, silly!!" -When someone tries to take a picture of her underwear (tho it's impossible rip)

"Well, I kinda lost my lucky baseball, and I cannot find it anywhere! If you find it, I'll be your best buddy forever and EVER!!" -When explaining her task

"Thank you (student)-san!! Good luck finding it!!" -When accepting her task

"(her smile falters for a moment) Oh well! I'll just have to keep searching, haha!!" -When denying her task

"...Blood...?" -When seeing a bloodstain

"Oh god, (dead student)-chan!!" -when seeing a corpse

"Jeez...Is that...Really a (limb)...?" -When seeing a bloody limb

"You should put that away to avoid trouble!!" -When seeing a student holding a weapon


  • Her name literally means "Bright Sunshine" :3c
  • precious baby
  • too pure


Smal ball of happiness

Her wardrobe

Kisekae Codes

  • School Uniform: 34**ca65.
  • Baseball Uniform: 34**ca65.
  • Swimwear: 34**ca65.
  • Casual: 34**ca65.

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