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Nerd-Chan [Aki Nakao]
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation High
Club Leader of Book Club
Age 17
Persona Coward/Teacher's Pet
Crush W.I.P [ Fanon Senpai ]
Additional Info -Allergic to Peanuts

-Gets stressed out easily -Introvert


Nerd-Chan is based on the normal anime nerdy girl.


Nerd-Chan's dark grey hair reaches down to her shoulders; her hair is styled as a bob cut with bangs. She has roundish black glasses and wears the standard school uniform

Her eyes are soft and apologetic, giving off a nerd-like feel to her appearance.


Actual Personality

Aki is based on the basic nerdy anime girl. She is gullible, a coward and has low self-esteem. She also refers to her routine as a "strict schedule."


Aki is both a Coward and a Teacher's Pet. After the teacher finds a body, she would either run out of the school gates or hide in a certain area if gates are closed.


Task: Bring back an overdue book ( How to not hentai without hentaing By:senpai ) from Musume Ronshaku

Glad you could ask! One of the students have an over due book that I was suppose to study with, could you help me track down the student? Their name is " Mosame Ronshacu" I believe it was"
Thank you
Glad we could have this chat


7:10 AM = Enters school grounds

7:15 AM = Walks to library, sits down and proceeds to communicate with other club members.

8:00 AM = Walks to class 2-1 and sits in her desk. (Morning classes)

1:00 PM = Walks to Library, sits down and proceeds to communicate with other club members.

1:30 PM = Walks back to class 2-1 and sits at her desk. (Afternoon classes)

3:30 PM = Walks back to the library; there is no club activities, she instead examines the books of the library until the end of the day.(locked doors)

Matchmaking attractions

Aki is attracted to smart males, she is sour towards blonde people with tan skin.


Aki Sekai


Taro Yamada

Taro is Aki's crush.

After finding out about Yamada on the first day, she described him as a fairy tail prince ,beautiful flowing hair,eyes that shine like the moon,lips look soft as leather,pale skin like snow and a incredible personality to seduce.However the real reason why she want's to be with Yamada because of his last name,she wants to be called "Aki Yamada" instead of "Aki Nakao".

Tenshi Fukami

Aki and Tenshi are Best Friends, due to their similar personalities and likes.

Elimination Methods

  • Matchmaking, (With Tenshi), Killing his sister/ Pity love, Normal matchmaking, Realization (Go to Tenshi fukami's page)
  • Black-Mailing, If you Befriend Shimoda Fukami, you would be allowed to ask her if Aki commissioned her anything, she would gladly show you the commissioned picture, calling her a creep in the process. On Thursday you would be able to anonymously blackmail Aki and threaten you would tell the whole school what she has been doing. This, of course leads aki far FAR away from senpai the following weeks.
  • Framing, she often leaves her writing pen in the library, the pen has a fine tip for her to write in slick lines. The player may use this pen as an weapon to frame Aki. However, if kill shimoda fukami and Aki is framed, Tenshi, whos closes friend has been Aki, would not trust anyone else. He would stop roaming the halls as he feels inactive and lazier than his normal self, this is a pro for this elimination, however, he does not accept favors, get distracted nor compliments, allowing him to have a bigger chance being an witness if the player is not stealthy enough.


  1. Due to the creator's poor knowledge of editing, instead of making the eyes apologetic and both hair and eyes grey, she made Aki's portrait to have grayish brown hair and dark brown eyes
  2. Nerd-chan's actual reference is here.
  3. Aki is the slowest due to her lack of exercise.
  4. Her father left shortly after the Nakao twins we're born after finding out their mother cheated on him with 5 other men.
  5. Her favourite type of book is Mystery, she is a sucker for them.


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