WikaWikaOC This OC is owned by Cirno2019. Ask for permission if you want to use it.

Neo is an OC that belongs to Cirno2019.




Neo is very perverted towards females, Mostly Tomoko Yamazaki. Instead of doing his homework he faps everyday to Tomoko Yamazaki. Neo is forgetful and considered an idiot. Neo also stalks Tomoko daily and tries to get her panties without her noticing.


Neo will strangle the killer if the corpse belongs to Tomoko. If it's one of his friends he will try to kill to kill the killer so Tomoko doesn't fall into depression.


My OCs

Tomoko Yamazaki- Neo is in love with her and wants to fuck her, He faps to her every single day.

Yori- He has a slight interest in her but finds her too idiotic for him.

Momo- Neo thinks that Momo should stop hiding in Yori's skirt.

Hikari- Neo finds her attractive.

Hikkamori- Neo is sexually attracted to her like Tomoko, but Neo prefers Tomoko.

Other OCs

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